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Teladoc mobile doctor consultation app is now available
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Teladoc mobile doctor consultation app is now available

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Apps Thursday, January 11, 2018

Online doctor consultations from Teladoc are now available through their mobile application.

Teladoc has announced the commercial availability of its integrated mobile app experience. Members can now benefit from a single, patient-centered point of access to answers for a wide array of medical needs, as the app combines the high frequency care services traditionally provided by Teladoc, along with the expert specialty medical and second opinion services of Best Doctors. Following the successful limited release to select clients in Q4 2017, the integrated app is now commercially available for all joint Teladoc and Best Doctors current and future clients.

“The integrated mobile app is foundational for Teladoc as we have redefined virtual care delivery and are providing our members and their families with a better way to navigate their individual care journey. With an approachable, simple-to-navigate experience and a curated set of services, we are enabling members to get answers to a range of health needs, empowering them to make smarter decisions and ultimately improve their healthcare outcomes,” says Dan Trencher, SVP of Product and Strategy for Teladoc.

Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to take control of their healthcare journey, with nearly 74% of Teladoc visits being requested through mobile. In line with these trends, the new integrated app experience enables members to meet their care needs along a spectrum of conditions, whenever and wherever they are. In the same manner that members would request a visit for a respiratory infection or pink eye, they can now use their existing Teladoc account details to request and schedule an expert medical review of their diagnosis and treatment plan for complex and chronic conditions. With a few short steps, users are connected to a network of top experts and specialists who review their patient health records, provide a detailed recommendation report, and if necessary, recommend treatment changes.

Further enhancing the care experience, the app enables members to receive notifications on their visits through the all-in-one messaging center, providing a complete picture of their care experience. With this messaging center, users receive updates on all upcoming visits, as well as a history of visits completed from general medicine, dermatology and behavioral health consultations.

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