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11/29/2012 7:30:54 AM
Should I charge for my app
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Should I charge for my app


Should I charge for my app

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Richard Harris Richard Harris

It’s a question that we have discussed a few times here on the AppsGeyser blog, should you be charging for your Android app once it hits the app store? There is no clear answer and the truth beholds only you can make the final decision. To help you make this decision we would like to highlight the pros and cons for charging for your app and the steps required if you do plan to sell your app.


  • You are certain of an income if people download your app
  • Users will become more loyal if they have spent money on your brand
  • The user type that pay for apps are likely to recommend you and buy more of your apps


  • Competition is so fierce people are less willing to pay for an app
  • Finding your app is more complicated as users look firstly for free apps
  • Reviews of paid for apps are harsher
  • Only a small proportion of apps are with a fee

How to sell your Android app

Build a free app network:  If you intend to charge for your app you need to firstly build loyalty and trust in your brand. People will be more willing to pay for an app if they are certain of the quality of the contents and this can be seen through your network of free apps. Your free apps will entice the user to purchase your main app.

Pro-version: By building scaled down versions of your apps you can begin to create an audience, saving the most important features of your app for the pro-version.

Choose the right market: Amazon is one of the best app markets to choose if you are considering selling your Android app for a number of reasons. Firstly Amazon has been built for purchases. When a potential customer signs up for an Amazon account they will be required to enter a valid credit card which enables them to purchase an app with one click. Google Play and other stores do not require a credit card to be attached to the user account and purchases can take a while to go through which would deter people from the purchase.

Ad free app: One way to convince people to pay for your app is by offering them an ad-free app. Many people would be happy to pay $0.99 if it meant they would not be interrupted by ads flashing at them every few seconds. If your app has less than 100 installs it is automatically ad free, once you hit the 100 downloads you can upgrade your AppsGeyser account to continue benefiting from an ad-free app.

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