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Screwdriver.cd goes open source so you can Continuous Delivery at scale
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Screwdriver.cd goes open source so you can Continuous Delivery at scale

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Open Source Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yahoo has announced the open sourcing of Screwdriver.cd, a new streamlined build system designed to enable continuous delivery (CD) to production at scale for dynamic infrastructure, improving product quality and engineering agility. 

Screwdriver.cd is based on a battle-tested internal product. Over the last five years, Yahoo has employed Screwdriver.cd’s key design features, including easy deployment pipelines, optimized trunk development, and easy rollbacks, to deliver products from commit to production with full automation. Screwdriver.cd supports multiple languages and handles container-based builds and deployment.

Some of the key design features of Screwdriver have helped Yahoo achieve Continuous Delivery at scale. At a high level these are:

- Making deployment pipelines easy
- Optimizing for trunk development
- Making rolling back easy

"Part of what enabled Yahoo to make Continuous Delivery at scale a reality was our improved build and release tooling. Now, we are open sourcing an adaptation of our code as Screwdriver.cd, a new streamlined build system designed to enable Continuous Delivery to production at scale for dynamic infrastructure." - James Collins, Sr. Director, Developer Platforms and Services, and St. John Johnson, Principal Engineer

At Yahoo, Screwdriver handles 25K+ builds/day and 12K+ daily git commits as a single shared entry point.

Today’s announcement marks another significant milestone for Yahoo as a long-time contributor to the open source community.

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