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RedHat Shows Mobile Developers Continue to Be in High Demand
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RedHat Shows Mobile Developers Continue to Be in High Demand

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Tuesday, August 4, 2015

According to a recent survey, the mobile developer job market should continue to heat up as 50 percent of organizations plan to hire for mobile positions this year. Of those organizations, 32 percent are focused on skills related to front-end development, with 27 percent looking for back-end integration skills and 15 percent seeking DevOps for mobile. Nine percent of organizations are hiring specifically for mobile project management skills.

These statistics were derived by a study commissioned by to analyze trends in enterprise mobility hiring priorities for 2015. RedHat polled a sample of its global customers to better understand how businesses are organizing themselves for success in the mobile-first economy, and to identify the most desired skills across enterprise mobility. 

Other insights from the survey include:
- Emphasis on front-end and back-end skills remains high. As enterprises look to fill their hiring needs for front-end coding, some analysts are recommending a team-based approach and a two-track IT approach to balance agility with traditional core IT stability, which can help organizations increase development efficiency.
- More than one in seven businesses are on the hunt for DevOps skills, including agile project management. Organizations are hiring for DevOps proficiency to help mobile teams break down communication and collaboration barriers between development and operations.
- Demand for IoT skills outpaces wearables experience. Organizations are beginning to take a more strategic approach to IoT as part of an enterprise mobility strategy, with 13 percent expecting to hire for experience in IoT in 2015 and 70 percent planning to incorporate IoT projects into their business within the next five years. This contrasts with demand for wearables expertise, with just three percent of organizations planning to hire related skills this year.
The research was conducted by TechValidate, an independent research company that interfaces with business and technology end users to collect and validate information about their deployments. The survey was conducted online on behalf of Red Hat in March and April 2015. The survey polled 112 enterprise It decision makers and professionals from global organizations across industries and of all sizes, spanning small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations.

Read more: http://www.techvalidate.com/product-research/red-h...

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