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1/5/2021 11:06:47 AM
Real time engagement solution predictions for 2021 from Agora Inc
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Real time engagement solution predictions for 2021 from Agora Inc


Real time engagement solution predictions for 2021 from Agora Inc

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Reggie Yativ, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Revenue Officer at Agora Inc. predicts that in 2021 enterprises will start taking on hybrid custom brand identities, and enterprises will realize there are better real-time engagement solutions for voice, video, and live streaming.

The need for enterprises big and small to take on a hybrid, custom-built brand identity – one rooted in the digital and the other in the physical – will continue to grow. Beyond the pandemic, it is crucial that businesses are able to maintain business continuity no matter what dive or turn the business landscape may take. More so, those still relying solely on brick-and-mortars or one-dimensional, off-the-shelf digital solutions will be left in the dust of organizations willing to undergo custom-built digital transformations.

End-users and enterprises alike are going to wake up to the fact that the quality of their voice, video, and live streaming technology is subpar. Popular video conferencing programs and integrations are lacking in quality, reliability, and scalability. While providers got away with this during the chaos and shuffle of 2020, they won’t be so lucky heading into 2021. As enterprises wake up and realize there are better real-time engagement (RTE) solutions out there that can serve their voice, video, and live streaming needs, they will prioritize making such investments for the sake of both user experience and an overall competitive edge within the market.

The terms “offline” and “online” are going to be increasingly hard to distinguish between. As the internet of things continues to expand, it will be harder to know when you are truly “on” or “off” of the internet. From education to healthcare to gaming, the lines between our digital and physical lives will continue to blur, merge, and interact in profound ways.
Technology like AI, AR, VR, and more will usher in the next generation of hot apps and platforms. AI, AR, VR, transcription, metaverse applications, and many more technology pieces will create use cases that will surpass our wildest expectations when it comes to virtual environments.

Gone are the days that developers merely “build it” and “get it done”. In 2021, developers have to think bigger, ideate the use case (even invent it at times), understand users more deeply than ever, and use all their creative juices and abilities to iterate within the market. Their mantra will be: “launch, rinse, and repeat.”

Who is Reggie Yativ

As CRO & COO of Agora, Reggie leads the team’s go-to-market and global expansion efforts. At his core, he believes that for Agora, a well-focused strategy around successful use cases and exploration use cases is fundamental to driving consistent growth for the company. Agora plays in the SDKs/ APIs economy empowering developers and help them go live quickly. Passionate about the endless potential an engagement-platform-as-a-service has for developers and users, he enjoys how such technologies can be used to quickly spool up innovative ideas and bring them to life. Moreover, he believes real-time engagement is a powerful tool to build inclusivity into the internet in every space from social streaming, education, gaming, entertainment, telehealth, and beyond.

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