3/16/2015 4:26:44 PM
Progress Rollbase Development Platform is Now Certified Helion Ready and Available to Deploy on OpenStack
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Progress Rollbase Development Platform is Now Certified Helion Ready and Available to Deploy on OpenStack

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Monday, March 16, 2015

Progress has announced that its Rollbase rapid application development platform is now certified “Helion Ready” and will be available to deploy on HP’s distribution of OpenStack. 

Using the Rollbase platform within HP Helion OpenStack project provides the ability to benefit from a hybrid cloud that offers IT security, control and agility for rapid application development and deployment.

The “Helion Ready” will allow developers using the Progress platform to take advantage of the integration of scalable infrastructure, computing and storage resources necessary to power and scale applications. The platform facilitates the management and protection of application and user data for compliance and deploys applications to multiple clouds, ensuring high performance and low latency.

HP Helion provides distributed computing leveraging OpenStack, the world’s largest open-source cloud computing project. Progress is promoting the fact that the availability of Progress Rollbase on HP Helion will help businesses to address the challenge of how to  achieve faster time to market for new applications. The Rollbase rapid application development platform enables users to take advantage of its graphical drag and drop user interface to create consumer-quality cloud-based applications that can deploy in a few clicks.

The Rollbase platform offers the flexibility of deployment options including public, private or on-premise without requiring modifications to the applications being deployed. It was tested and installed extensively on the Helion OpenStack project to guarantee that customers are able to ensure it leverages the full capabilities of the architecture, without limitation on application performance or scalability.

Read more: https://www.progress.com/