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Our 40th Issue Published Today: App Developer Magazine September 2016
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App Developer Magazine

Our 40th Issue Published Today: App Developer Magazine September 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Thursday, September 1, 2016

With the release of our September 2016 issue of App Developer Magazine we just hit 40 total published magazines, and the end of the Summer season of app development.

Thanks to all of the countless readers, contributors, and sponsors for helping us look so good, and believing in our mission! I think this is one of our best issues yet!

With over 4500 published articles now and 300 contributing authors on our website and magazine, from just about every sector and niche in the mobile industry today, it’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown since 2013 as a publication and how much mobile has changed too.

The September issue is another great month packed with exclusive interviews, thought-leadership articles, and what made the news in development over the past 30 days.

You’ll definitely want to check out the interview we did with Maximo Cavazzani from Trivia Crack to get some great insight into a large studios take on app development success.

Agile is still a hot topic and we’ve got two two great articles to keep you on top of the growing movement.

While most developers aren’t too interested in playing Pokemon Go, they are interested in hearing how they can learn from the their success, and we’ve got 3 articles you will want to read that explains what we can learn from the insane number of users, and revenue.

Big Data, Enterprise, and Hadoop also make an appearance through some tremendous interviews and articles.

Learn a bit about V-play, Governments open source software, Rocket Data from Linked in, the Latin America app market, and much more.

This issue is 84 pages long and it makes me chuckle a little when I think about all of the other content that didn’t make it in. We literally get hammered with over 1000 submissions every month, so to keep you from having to mull through a phonebook-sized magazine, we do our best to shove forward the best of the monthly content (your welcome).

Enjoy the issue everyone, and what’s left of Summer!

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