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Oulu 5GFWD solidifies status as global 5G hub
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Oulu 5GFWD solidifies status as global 5G hub

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Mobile Tech Thursday, February 16, 2017

5G Hackathon solves challenges set by Nokia, Sonera and Oulu University Hospital.

Can you go to school in a park through VR glasses after the speed of data transfer is no longer an issue? What will a digital Nokia factory of the future be like? How can superfast mobile technology make people’s hospital visits safer, quicker and more comfortable? 5G can make all this happen - and the Oulu 5GFWD Hackathon challenges the world’s greatest coders and enterprises to crack these challenges and more on June 9-11. The total value of prizes to the winners is more than 25 000 euros.

The companies participating in the Hackathon seek solutions to their development challenges along with new employees. Oulu, on the other hand, wishes to solidify its status as the world’s leading environment for 5G development. The top coders in the world will be competing for fame, fortune and valuable contacts.

A prize total of over 25,000 euros, the processes of Nokia’s Oulu factory, the virtual environment of Oulu University Hospital, the 5G test laboratories of VTT Technical Research Centre and the University of Oulu as well as the partnership of Sonera are all available to the 5GFWD participants in June.

Challenges from Sonera, Nokia and the Oulu University Hospital

In its challenge, Nokia reveals the processes of its Oulu factory to outsiders for the very first time. The task is no less significant than to digitalise the factory using 5G technology. Nokia offers a genuine 5G connection for the participants to use.

“What are the applications of the 5G world like?” is Sonera’s question. They are looking for solutions particularly to applications concerning gaming, virtual experiences, smart homes, education and wellness. Visiting a hospital can be frightening, stressful and even difficult. The Oulu University Hospital challenges the hackathon teams to design swifter and more fluent hospital visits for people as enabled by 5G.

5G improving life

“5G changes our lives on all levels. Its incredible speed and minimal delay can improve work safety as we can remotely operate machines under dangerous conditions. Or a surgeon can take part in a hospital consultation from a coffee shop on the other side of the globe. We can also attend a live concert in the front row - from our own backyard,” explains Nokia’s Olli Liinamaa, the 5G Project Manager for the University of Oulu.

“The transition truly is something totally different than just changing the icon from 4G to 5G on the top corner of your mobile screen!”

Oulu's 5G development

“If a company wants to gain a competitive edge with the potential of 5G, the sensible thing to do is turn their eyes to Oulu. The ecosystems in Oulu enable swift, high-quality product development and testing. This is something that experts from Japan to California have noticed. We welcome new partners to join in and succeed,” says BusinessOulu Director Juha Ala-Mursula emphatically.

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