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Oracle Updates Mobile Suite for Enterprise App Developement
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Oracle Updates Mobile Suite for Enterprise App Developement

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oracle has announced updates to its Oracle Mobile Suite, the company’s solution for development and deployment of mobile applications across multiple mobile platforms, and works with disparate enterprise systems.

The latest release features a new cross device mobile development framework, Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF), which can simplify the development of multiplatform on-device mobile apps.

There is also a new version of Oracle Service Bus, a core component of Oracle Mobile Suite which allows backend applications, on the cloud or on-premises, to be exposed through JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs.

Oracle MAF is tightly integrated with Oracle Mobile Security Suite, which secures corporate-owned applications and data on mobile devices, and secures deployment and management of any mobile application.

Oracle MAF features include the following:

- Choice of development IDEs, including Oracle JDeveloper or Eclipse (through Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse), and choice of development languages, including Java, JavaScript and HTML5.

- More than 80 UI components, allow developers to create mobile application interfaces with extensive data visualization capabilities reducing the need for low-level HTML5 coding.

- Support for Apache Cordova plug-ins, enabling developers to leverage specific mobile device features across multiple operating systems.

- Declarative UI components creation, allowing for greater reusability while developing applications as well as creating templates for user interfaces.

- Built-in integration with Oracle Mobile Security Suite for extended support for application containerization, advanced authentication and authorization, and integration with social network logins.

- Extended customization support enabling developers to customize off-the-shelf mobile applications built with the framework.

- Support for applications developed under Oracle ADF Mobile.

Updates to Oracle Service Bus include:

- Unified design-time environment in Oracle JDeveloper, allows the development of both front-end applications and backend integrations, using a graphical wizards-based approach to expose backend systems as REST/JSON mobile-ready APIs.

- Built in in-memory distributed caching to help overloaded backend systems scale and cope with the increased traffic from mobile applications while reducing overall latency and ultimately enhancing the end-user experience.

- A portfolio of existing adapters to on-premises enterprise applications.

Read more: http://www.oracle.com/us/products/tools/overview/i...

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