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2/27/2023 1:03:15 PM
OpenCP extension launched from Civo
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OpenCP extension launched from Civo

Open Source

OpenCP extension launched from Civo

Monday, February 27, 2023

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Civo recently launched OpenCP, the open-source extension for kubectl. OpenCP will supercharge the popular tool, allowing it to control Kubernetes through a standardized interface. After the OpenCP launch, Civo plans to work closely with other industry players to widen the adoption of the standard.

Civo has announced the launch of "OpenCP", a new open-source extension to kubectl. OpenCP provides a framework to build additional functionality on top of kubectl, the widely-used Kubernetes command-line tool, to allow it to be used to control cloud services beyond just Kubernetes. Civo's vision for OpenCP was laid out for the first time at Civo Navigate, Civo's first US tech conference, held in Tampa, Florida.

Kubectl is a command-line tool for controlling Kubernetes clusters. It's the cockpit to control Kubernetes allowing users to easily manage and deploy applications on a cluster. It provides a simple and consistent interface for creating, updating, and managing resources in a Kubernetes cluster, such as pods, services, and deployments. It's widely used, well-documented, and extensible.

OpenCP extension launched from Civo

The challenge is that most Kubernetes clusters require a secondary set of tools, tools to manage the underlying cloud services. From configuring firewalls to adding cloud storage, these tools are far from standardized and every cloud provider is different. OpenCP is an open-source framework designed to standardize commands under one universal set of instructions that will work in any cloud environment*.

Dinesh Majrekar, CTO of Civo said: "We are proud today to launch OpenCP to the tech community at Civo Navigate. kubectl is a much-loved tool, and there are already a number of extensions available for it. However, OpenCP is designed to supercharge the tool, giving it the ability to control far more than just Kubernetes through a standardized and well-documented interface."

"This should be music to the ears of developers. Every cloud has its own challenges, and learning proprietary commands and techniques is one of them. We want to help developers get past the admin and start doing what they love, developing great software."

Mark Boost, CEO of Civo said: "The launch of OpenCP represents our continued commitment to putting the needs of developers first. We believe that the industry has for too long failed developers, pursuing siloed efforts to build up tools and functionality in their own isolated ecosystem rather than thinking about what's best for their users."

"OpenCP is designed to write a new chapter for Kubernetes, where cloud lock-in is designed out of the software stack, and Kubernetes achieves its promise of application portability."

"Put simply with the OpenCP extension, kubectl will become the new universal remote control for the cloud."

Following the launch of OpenCP, Civo plans to work closely with other industry players to widen the adoption of the standard. These conversations began today at Civo Navigate and will continue with further engagement headed by Civo CEO Mark Boost & the wider leadership team.

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