1. New Kony Visualizer Offers Multi user Collaboration for Creating Cross Platform Apps
9/24/2014 7:25:32 PM
New Kony Visualizer Offers Multi user Collaboration for Creating Cross Platform Apps
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New Kony Visualizer Offers Multi user Collaboration for Creating Cross Platform Apps

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kony’s new Kony Visualizer is a new mobile app design solution that enables business users, designers and developers to collaborate and create native and Web mobile app experiences for iOS, Android, Windows and the Web. 

The next generation Kony Visualizer 2.0 will be available for limited release next month. It provides a single solution that enables collaboration across all stages of the mobile app design process, allowing app designers, developers and others to work together in a cohesive manner.

Kony Visualizer allows users to create click-through preview apps without manual software coding, and view, publish and share the app preview on mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices via the Kony Visualizer cloud collaboration services. Kony calls this new capability “WYSIWYM” (what you see is what you mobilize). Using iterative design and development, this helps reduce the effort related to app design and user experience testing. 

In addition, Kony Visualizer provides a collaborative cloud environment for real-time feedback and iteration, which addresses a need by businesses that are leveraging both in-house IT and outside design firms for their mobile app development projects.  

Kony Visualizer 2.0 offers:

User experiences: Design a mobile app within Kony Visualizer for native devices including cross platform layout, layering and animations, switch between iOS, Android, and Windows devices in the app canvas to design and preview the native look and feel.

Codeless app design: Designers or business users can drag and drop using a graphical canvas to create an app layout as well as define complex user interactions - including animation, navigation, even advanced device interactions - all without writing code.

Greater Collaboration Capabilities: Designers, business users and developers can collaborate on projects across their team in real-time. Using Kony Visualizer’s cloud-based collaboration services, the project can be published to the cloud and viewed on native devices - providing feedback on the app design.

Accelerated Productivity: Be productive and efficient in app design with collections, re-using assets and functionality throughout all of the apps from a single library. Integrate with other tools in the workflow, such as Adobe Photoshop, to import the styles directly into Visualizer with no re-work.

Re-usable App Generation: Kony Visualizer enables designers and developers to create the actual application user experience backed by generated application code that is re-usable by developers for any subsequent apps that they wish to build, which essentially eliminates the need for throw-away prototypes.

Read more: http://www.kony.com/products/visualization