1. New Google Maps 1.1 tools for iOS developers
2/28/2013 7:17:09 AM
New Google Maps 1.1 tools for iOS developers
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New Google Maps 1.1 tools for iOS developers

Richard Harris Richard Harris in iOS Thursday, February 28, 2013

Google has released an update for the Google Maps IOS SDK, into the wild so any iOS developer can access its Google Maps data and integrate the features into apps (previously it was by invite only for the advanced feature set). You can get your MAPS key on the Google Maps API Console.

Google developer advocate Paul Saxman says in a video demonstrating the new tools, Google is commited to bringing the MAPS SDK to as many developers and platforms as possible.

The new version 1.1 includes support for markers with info windows (finally!), ground overlays, gesture control, and geodesic polylines, tilting and panning the map screen,  Giving access to all developers may mean that more third-party app developers will choose to use Google's mapping data instead of Apple's.

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