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5/6/2019 3:31:24 PM
New crypto tool announced as blockchain makes a comeback
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New crypto tool announced as blockchain makes a comeback


New crypto tool announced as blockchain makes a comeback

Monday, May 6, 2019

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

PCC token sale has been announced by Pcore that delivers a new invoicing system that integrates Cryptocurrency and credit cards as payment options. A new crypto tool is born!

Pcore announced the launch of their Token Sale (PCC) as the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain markets rebound and investors prepare to re-enter the market. The Pcore discount invoicing platform is one-of-a-kind and based on Blockchain technology. The main difference between this invoicing system and others is that businesses using Pcore can accept more forms of payment and get paid faster. The Pcore invoicing system integrates Cryptocurrency and credit cards as payment options.

Businesses can sell their invoice into the marketplace and investors can buy the invoices for profit. Pcore innovating invoices using the blockchain to change the way businesses get paid. With the help of Pcore, businesses and sole traders can sell their invoices and the buyers will come to the platform for smooth and SAFE invoice investments using PCC tokens only.

The Pcore invoicing software will help business, send, receive, and customize invoices with all of the functionality of traditional invoicing systems. This software will be linked to the Pcore invoice discounting platform for quicker & easier upload, and fund discounting options. This will help businesses to serve their customers and not wait for long periods to receive their funds.

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for Pcore was quoted as saying, “Many platforms have been created, but most of them are not adopted by businesses to bring that advancement everyone is looking for in the crypto space. Globally, it is evident that receiving funds from an invoice can take a long time, ranging from 30 to 90 days. This puts a lot of pressure on businesses to keep up with costs and can slow down the development of the company.” He went on to say, “When we look at this industry, big names like HSBC are looking for ways to integrate invoice financing within their services using the Blockchain. Why do we let the big banks take control of doing business amongst the community? We must advance with Blockchain tech and help it grow within our community and build the trust it deserves in the mainstream.”

The Pcore Token Sale will start on April 29th, 2019 on the Coinlim Exchange. During Pre-Sale there will be a considerable discount on the Token price. Pre-sale price for 1 PPC Token is $0.20 with a 10% bonus of orders equal to or over 1 BTC. Token holders can buy invoices on the PCORE platform after launch, earning interest on 30-day invoices.

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