1. Neotys Updates Performance Monitoring Platform for Web and Mobile
6/27/2015 9:04:09 AM
Neotys Updates Performance Monitoring Platform for Web and Mobile
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Neotys Updates Performance Monitoring Platform for Web and Mobile

Neotys Updates Performance Monitoring Platform for Web and Mobile

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Saturday, June 27, 2015

Neotys offers load testing and performance monitoring tools for web and mobile applications and had released NeoSense 1.1, offering the latest update to its synthetic monitoring solution for application performance and availability.

The release of NeoSense 1.1 adds new capabilities for web and mobile applications to create realistic monitoring profiles even for complex business apps using the latest technologies. The platform provides the ability to generate synthetic users in production and actively monitor the performance and availability of business transactions within recorded user paths to detect and automatically create alerts of any issues before they become problems for actual users.

Updates to the NeoSense 1.1 include:

- Greater Realism: NeoSense 1.1 takes the realism of synthetic users to the next level by providing emulation of mobile, Wi-Fi and wired networks and simulation of bandwidth constraints, packet loss, and latency. Users will also have more flexibility when it comes to business transaction execution. By simulating bandwidth constraints, packet loss and latency, developers will know how a live app is performing for users on 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.

- More Control: The platform now makes it easier to grant certain users access to monitoring data at the application level. IT can now filter dashboards to focus on their most critical applications and will have the ability to pause and/or suspend any monitoring profiles at any time.

- Enhanced Insight: NeoSense now provides new availability and performance indicators, enriched transaction breakdowns, the ability to select custom date ranges and improved dashboards.

- Options for Executions: Choose how critical business transactions are executed by NeoSense: sequentially from all selected locations, concurrently from all selected locations or from a single location out of all selected locations on a round-robin schedule.

- Flexible Business Transaction Execution: DevOps can upgrade the version of NeoSense Locations directly from the NeoSense GUI. NeoSense 1.1 also includes enhanced SMS management capabilities.

- Pause Monitoring/Maintenance Mode: NeoSense provides the ability to pause any monitoring profiles at any time which will completely stop executions and notifications while clearly identifying these paused time periods in dashboards. Administrators can also suspend monitoring profiles for any application on-demand or scheduled ahead of time with these maintenance windows clearly identified in dashboards.

- Availability Indicator: Industry-standard MTBF (mean time between failures) and MTTR (mean time to recovery) metrics are leveraged to calculate the application availability rate based on operating time (between alerts) and time spent in alert mode.

- New Performance KPIs: Know how applications and their critical business transactions are performing at a glance with new KPIs. Average response time (global and trended) over time and max response time are calculated out of performance thresholds set on business transactions. Easily compare these with indicators from previous periods.

- More Detailed Waterfall: Get closer to root cause with an enriched transaction breakdown including hostname/port info for pages and requests, TTFB (time to first byte) and content downloads for requests, and request and response headers for binary content.

- Improved Events Dashboard: Events dashboard has been revamped with a new presentation, a view dedicated to unmonitored periods (e.g. maintenance windows) and a new filter panel to see events based upon specific criteria.

Read more: http://www.neotys.com/product/whatsnewneosense1-1....

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