1. Multiplayer arena and game builder released by uGen World
6/28/2017 7:02:35 PM
Multiplayer arena and game builder released by uGen World
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Multiplayer arena and game builder released by uGen World

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Multiplayer arena and game builder released by uGen World

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

All new game designers cross-platform multiplayer arena and game builder released by indie game development studio, uGen World.

uGen World, an indie game studio, has announced the launch of a cross-platform virtual playground for gamers to build, share, and play called Q.U.I.R.K.. Q.U.I.R.K. (Quantum Universe Interaction and Replication Kit) is directed by user feedback and fueled by user-generated content so players can enjoy an ever-changing selection of fun and innovative games. Q.U.I.R.K. allows gamers to play together cross-platform, so PC, Mac, and HTC Vive gamers can build and play together in the same map, at the same time. Q.U.I.R.K. is available through STEAM via the Early Access program.

The game building tools are designed based on extensive testing feedback and give video game designers the power to flex their creativity with support and recognition from the community and the dev team. Q.U.I.R.K. introduces a world of possibility, with an ever-increasing number of tools, weapons, gadgets, game types and specialty blocks based on requests and feedback from our community.

“Kids and young gamers today are interacting with games like never before. They don’t just want to play - they want to create, to build, to have control of the world they play in,” said Jess Lebow, executive producer and Co-Founder, uGen Inc. “Our studio is extremely proud to have developed a platform that gives gamers, budding developers and creators alike the opportunity to play and socialize through user-generated games across multiple platforms. If the incredibly innovative and creative efforts of our early testing is any indication, we can’t wait to see what the Q.U.I.R.K. community will do with the all of the new assets and improved building tools coming in our Summer expansion!”

A year in development, Q.U.I.R.K. is the first game release from uGen World. The 14 person company has recently secured $3M in Series A funding, led by IGG, a developer and publisher of mobile games with a strong global presence and international customer base.

There are three key ways to interact:

- Explore: The platform allows gamers to explore an ever-growing list of handcrafted games, with an increasing number of tools, weapons, gadgets, game types and specialty blocks that are created based on requests and feedback from their community.

- Build: Q.U.I.R.K. is a 100% community-driven experience. Whether immersed in VR or using a keyboard and mouse, it gives gamers hundreds of weapons, gadgets, and art assets and tools making it easy and fun to build, share, and play with friends.

- Play: Build a new game in tandem with a friend, or do your own thing and build alone. Kick off a solo battle, or grab your friends to play in 1v1 matches, or play a mega-match on one of 4 enemy teams. Arm yourself with heat-seeking bees, rocketjump yourself to safety, strap on a jetpack to take flight, or wield your melee weapon to knock your enemies across the map.

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