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Monetize your apps with affiliate offers
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Monetize your apps with affiliate offers

Monday, December 10, 2012

LunarAds announced today the ability for developers to use affiliate offers from inside any app using their SDK. They also offer a list of 12 well known mobile affiliates to get you started.

So why use affiliate offers in your apps? Simple, because they can pay you ALOT more than using regular ad networks due to the fact you don't have to share the revenue with anyone.

"It's as simple as creating the offers in the LunarAds dashboard, and selecting which apps will show those offers." says CEO Richard Harris.

So if you are into earning more revenue with your apps, you might want to consider using LunarAds to get it done - and they also offer app cross-promotion to help build installs at no cost.

Read more: https://lunarads.com/?page=Read_Newsletter&news=14...


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