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3/25/2013 9:16:55 AM
Mimvi and Entrepreneur Media Join Forces to Launch App Developer Crowdfunding and Discovery Program, TrepLabs
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Mimvi and Entrepreneur Media Join Forces to Launch App Developer Crowdfunding and Discovery Program, TrepLabs

Press Announcements

Mimvi and Entrepreneur Media Join Forces to Launch App Developer Crowdfunding and Discovery Program, TrepLabs

Monday, March 25, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Mimvi, Inc., a leader in mobile app discovery, today announced an official partnership with Entrepreneur Media, to launch an innovative new discovery program for mobile app developers called TrepLabs™.

TrepLabs™ is designed to help the mobile developer community reduce its current dependency on app stores, drive visibility and market traction. The growing challenge of discoverability in an increasingly crowded app market is making it harder for the independent app developer to compete.

Developers that qualify for TrepLabs™ gain some major advantages right from the start; access to exclusive business and technology connections and exposure to a major audience that shares their affinities. Each qualifying app will have access to marketing support and resources that will be earmarked solely to generate growth rather than fund development. Typical funding rounds for projects will run into the tens of thousands of dollars versus smaller amounts that are more common with crowdfunding.

App developers can now submit their apps and information through Mimvi.com for review. Mimvi will then select only the most promising concepts and apps, to be showcased across an Entrepreneur readership base on the hunt for mobile stardom. TrepLabs™ is designed to work with both completed apps that face discovery challenges ranging from monetary to business support and applicants who are looking to get their development concepts off the ground.

Once the developer is selected, they will be guided through the full TrepLabs™ program, which also includes a conduit to beta testers, early adopters, professional branding, backend infrastructure support, user acquisition, social marketing, media exposure and sponsored placement on the Mimvi Search Engine. The TrepLabs™ team will work closely with mobile developers to leverage the considerable benefits inherent in this combined value chain.

Developers that make it through the vetting process will gain access to capital partners, world-class entrepreneurs and brands, a sales team to help secure sponsorship and advertising deals and exposure to more than six million monthly unique visitors at Entrepreneur.com. All parties will share revenue from the realized ventures.

"The driving force behind the selection of mobile developer partners is the quality and creativity of their projects," commented Mike Poutre, CEO Mimvi Inc. "TrepLabs™ is the only program in the market today that offers a holistic solution for app developers, from business planning to discovery and everything in between. This could represent a turning point in the world of App Discovery."

"We continually look for ways to help entrepreneurs in the mobile space, and believe this partnership with Mimvi to create TrepLabs™ is ideal for all concerned," said Ryan Shea, president of Entrepreneur Media. "Our combined skills and assets provide the perfect platform to address a gaping hole in the mobile app developer market and offer an unparalleled level of support and expertise."

Crowdfunding is playing an evolving role in catalyzing innovations across all walks of life. Recent data featured by VentureBeat indicates that crowdfunding has enabled the generation of $1.5 billion spanning thousands of ventures, altruistic and commercial.

Mimvi will make future announcements as TrepLabs™ gains momentum over the coming weeks.

For more information on TrepLabs™, please email: TrepLabs@mimvi.com

Read more: http://http://www.mimvi.com

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