2/22/2014 5:36:14 PM
Microsoft Offers Unity Game Developers New Incentive Program to Develop Windows Apps
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Microsoft Offers Unity Game Developers New Incentive Program to Develop Windows Apps

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Windows Mobile Saturday, February 22, 2014

In an effort to continue to populate its Windows app market, Microsoft is incentivizing Unity developers to create Windows apps. Developers who qualify will receive complimentary Windows store registration, a Microsoft Windows 8 license, a Windows device (phone/tablets), a promotional package and technical assistance.

Any Unity developer using Unity 4 to develop their games and apps can apply. Applicants are required to have experience with shipping games and apps on mobile platforms. Microsoft is looking for games that are innovative, interesting, and different from the other games and apps in its genre.

Developers who have existing games published on other mobile platforms (iOS, Android), should list their top titles in the application. Existing games need to have received a minimum 3 star rating, with a significant number of downloads.

Developers who have not yet published are encouraged to apply and their project will be evaluated on its own merits, and may even qualify for the AppCampus program (a mobile application accelerator program sponsored by Microsoft and Nokia).

The incentive offer provides two levels of benefits. Level 1 provides a free Dev Center account for Windows and Windows Phone stores, a free Microsoft Windows 8 Pro License, 1 Developer device (phone or tablet), and priority review for store promotion.

Level 2 benefits include everything in Level 1 plus a 1,000,000 impression ad package on Adduplex, a second developer device (phone or tablet), feature placement on the Windows made with Unity Gallery, and access to technical assistance.

Once a developer qualifies, they will receive a free Dev Center account for Windows and Windows Phone Stores and a free Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro license. This will enable devs to begin porting Unity content to Windows/Windows Phone and do early testing on the Windows Phone/Windows emulator.

Once a functional version of a game has been created, a compiled package will be shared with Microsoft (no source code, just a secure link to the binary package as if the game were publishing to the store) for review and feedback. A game doesn’t need to be 100% finished at this point but should be functional enough to be reviewed. The review is to ensure the game quality is on par with other platforms. Microsoft will also provide tips on the platform specific aspects.

Developers who pass this review will receive a test device (Windows Phone or Surface RT) enabling them to complete the app and publish to the Windows/Windows Phone Store. Devices are subject to availability, models may vary and, quantities are limited.

Finally, when a developer publishes their approved app to the Windows/Windows Phone Store, they will receive certain promotional incentives, which may include priority review and the Adduplex promo package.

Of course there is a healthy terms and conditions page and Microsoft stresses that it cannot guarantee that developers who have qualified receive all benefits as quantities are limited for some benefits, and distribution will be on a first come, first served basis.

To check out the program for yourself, visit the link below.

Read more: http://unity3d.com/pages/windows/offer

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