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3/16/2015 1:01:08 PM
MediaTek Labs Launches New Cloud Sandbox Data Platform for Prototyping IoT Apps
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MediaTek Labs Launches New Cloud Sandbox Data Platform for Prototyping IoT Apps


MediaTek Labs Launches New Cloud Sandbox Data Platform for Prototyping IoT Apps

Monday, March 16, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

MediaTek Labs has announced the general availability of its new Cloud Sandbox data platform to help developers create Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The new free service offers storage of and access to data from wearable and IoT devices during prototyping.

It helps address the challenges developers face in the early stages of device creation for management of large amounts of data and the need for a convenient way to visualize the data and demo prototypes to collaborators. 

The platform eliminates the need for IoT developers to set up and manage their own web server or source third-party cloud platform services for prototyping, providing the ability to focus on the IoT device prototyping and value proposition, accelerating the time from solution ideation to prototype and proof-of-concept.

Using a RESTful API, developers collect data from devices, which can be viewed in a web-based dashboard which offers a range of display and graphing options. Developers can then control wearables and IoT devices by issuing commands from the dashboard. In addition, a complementary smartphone app lets provides the ability to review collected data and control devices from anywhere.

The MediaTek Cloud Sandbox offers the following features:

- Data storage and visual charting
- Data monitoring with notifications
- Device remote control
- Firmware upgrades over-the-air (FOTA)
- RESTful API support, TCP socket connection
- Web or mobile app based access
- Full API reference, FAQ and set of tutorials

Developers can use the platform to:

- Define wearables and IoT prototype device data and other properties
- Define data types such as geo-location, temperature, humidity and more
- Create multiple devices from one profile
- Push and Pull data between a device and the sandbox using a RESTful API
- Remotely control devices using states, such as switch-state and more
- Visualize data graphically
- Receive notifications when data are collected or changed
- Manage and control remotely, using the complementary mobile app
- Create reports about prototypes and collected data
- Perform FOTA firmware updates
- Control access to data and devices with granular security control

Read more: http://labs.mediatek.com/site/global/developer_too...

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