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5/28/2015 2:18:30 PM
Magnet Systems Launches Apache Open Source Solution for Messaging in iOS and Android Apps
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Magnet Systems Launches Apache Open Source Solution for Messaging in iOS and Android Apps

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Magnet Systems Launches Apache Open Source Solution for Messaging in iOS and Android Apps

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Magnet Systems has introduced Magnet Message, an Apache open source solution that allows developers to build messaging into any iOS, Android or hybrid mobile application. 

Magnet Message provides a robust set of functionalities right out of the box, including push messaging, in-app chat, rich message payloads, message delivery confirmation, and publish-subscribe capability. Developers can utilize Magnet Message to build messaging into apps for such purposes as loyalty programs, fraud alerts and marketing campaigns.

The Magnet Message platform allows developers to add the following messaging features to mobile Android and iOS apps:

- Push Notifications: Send push notifications to alert or wake up mobile apps using native platform notification services (Apple Push Notification Service for iOS and Google Cloud Messaging for Android).

- In-App Messaging: Send messages in-app during active sessions between the connected mobile clients.

- Chat: Use in-app chat for one-to-one communications between users (mobile-mobile and mobile-server).

- Rich message payloads: Payloads may contain any kind of content including small documents, HTML, images, strings, JSON, URLs, and deep links.

- Fine grained targeting: Send messages to targets defined using users, devices, topics, and tags.

- Publish-Subscribe model: Publish events to topics using publish-subscribe.

- Tags: Add keyword tags to identify and search for users, mobile devices, and topics for targeting push notifications and in-app messages.

- Secure payload: Use Transport Layer Support (TLS) and authenticated connections to protect transport of sensitive message content.

- Delivery confirmations and audit: Track message delivery status (including device receipt and open/read status).

- Geo-location tracking: Collect mobile endpoint geo-location information and send messages or publish events based on this data to mobile devices.

- Expiration: Set push notifications to automatically expire if they are not sent in a specified time.

- iOS and Android Support: iOS and Android SDKs make it easy to integrate messaging features into mobile apps

- REST API: REST API provides easy integration with back end applications.

- On-premise and cloud deployment: Flexible deployment options let you install messaging servers in your data center or on the cloud.

- Open source: Freedom to use, customize and integrate. Magnet Message is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

Developers who want to download MagnetMessage and find sample apps built with the platform, can visit the MagnetMessage developer portal.

Read more: https://www.magnet.com/documentation/message/1.0.1...

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