1. Mag+ Unleash the Content CONTEST!
1/25/2013 8:23:11 AM
Mag+ Unleash the Content CONTEST!
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Mag+ Unleash the Content CONTEST!

Mag+ Unleash the Content CONTEST!

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Press Announcements Friday, January 25, 2013

Mag+ is very excited to announce the kick off of their first ever SDK contest: Unleash the Content, where we invite you to build a better, cooler, smarter reader app for Mag+ files than our off-the-shelf white label reader.

The contest is possible because of the Mag+ iOS App Software Development Kit, which we just introduced in November. In short, the SDK gives iOS developers access to two primary components of the Mag+ system—the MIB (Mag+ file) reader, and the Connect part for talking to our backend to fetch those MIBs—so they can build their own app to read Mag+ files.

Read more: http://www.magplus.com/unleash-the-content-sdk-con...