7/23/2015 2:08:50 PM
Kony Updates MobileFabric To Help The Enterprise With Mobile Development
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Kony Updates MobileFabric To Help The Enterprise With Mobile Development

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Enterprise Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kony has updated its MobileFabric backend mobile infrastructure with new API management, mobile a management (MAM), analytics and application performance management (APM) capabilities.

The updates provide developers greater access to open and web development standards and technologies offering front-end tools and frameworks, including native iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5/ JavaScript, and PhoneGap. There is also new support for public cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and VMware VCloudAir and for server/OS platforms on the backend including Red Hat Linux, Windows, Oracle WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere. 

The new API management capabilities include easier access to metadata about line-of-business systems and services. The platform now offers 90 out-of-box adapters to the most common line-of-business and technology systems.

New control features provide the ability to implement standard governance and control hub across all mobile apps throughout the enterprise environment regardless of how it was built. Developers can expand integration with existing identity systems and cloud-based identity services, and take advantage of a new mobile app management (MAM) service to apply uniform app policy to application security.

Read more: http://www.kony.com/products/mobilefabric