1. KidoZen's Latest Addition: Data Visualization to Enterprise Mobile App Platform
11/20/2014 7:23:58 AM
KidoZen's Latest Addition: Data Visualization to Enterprise Mobile App Platform
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KidoZen's Latest Addition: Data Visualization to Enterprise Mobile App Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Thursday, November 20, 2014

KidoZen is a leader in enterprise mobility solutions. The company announced today its most recent addition of data visualization for its next-generation enterprise mobile app platform. This new data visualization includes a static snapshot analysis which has mobile reporting tools. The tools are for facilitating user interaction and analyzing real data of business systems.

Visualizing data challenges are a known fact. Businesses can further adopt improved data visualization in today's growing market. Data visualization is also predicated to further evolve into becoming faster. The recent improvements have made using data visualization convenient for developers

“Every month almost 7 billion mobile devices access more than 1.5 exabytes of data,” said Jesus Rodriguez, CEO of KidoZen. “Visualizing that data is not easy today, yet it is critical to enhancing the user experience and delivering on business objectives. KidoZen provides developers and business users alike with the tools necessary to visually interpret what is happening beneath all the data to quickly respond to critical issues and relevant business trends.”

The offering features rich data visualizations that can also be accessed through mobile apps. Such features will enable improved reporting capabilities for developers. Developers have been faced with current challenges with both programming the applications and enabling basic reporting capabilities through mobile apps.

There are presently some client-side frameworks which exist for authoring visualizations for mobile applications. However, these frameworks pose challenges for developers where an enterprise’s mobile infrastructure such as reusability of code, versioning control and manageability of updates are affected.
KidoZen’s mobile data visualization offers a way for developers to leverage a server-side solution managing and authoring through enterprise-ready visualizations in mobile apps. For developers, being able to deliver and access business-critical visualizations of enterprise data through KidoZen will allow benefits in cross-platform support.

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