7/12/2013 4:15:27 PM
Jellybean Overtakes Gingerbread As Top Android OS
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Jellybean Overtakes Gingerbread As Top Android OS

Ron Beaman Ron Beaman in Android Friday, July 12, 2013

Data released in Google's bi-weekly usage figures show that Jellybean has nudged out Gingerbread as the top Android OS.

The snapshot of data was released on July 8 for all devices that visited the Google Play Store in the previous 14 days.

Prior to April, the data was collected when a device checked-in to Google servers. Now the data is built using data collected from each device when the user visits the Google Play Store.

Total for Jellybean v4.1, v4.2 totaled 37.9% as compared to 34.1% for v2.3.3 - v2.3.7 of Gingerbread.

Ice Cream Sandwich was third with 23.3%.

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