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IT operations platform OpsRamp announces Fall 2018 release
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IT operations platform OpsRamp announces Fall 2018 release

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Enterprise Friday, September 14, 2018

IT Operations-as-a-Service platform developed by OpsRamp has announced the release of their Fall 2018 release which includes features like Topology Explorer, Multi-cloud Database Monitoring and more.

OpsRamp has announced its Fall 2018 release with a new Topology Explorer, enhanced Service Maps, and comprehensive cloud database monitoring. The release expands on the use cases that modern digital operations teams use to discover, manage, and optimize their hybrid IT infrastructure.

OpsRamp’s latest release helps enterprise IT teams deliver IT operations-as-a-service for accelerated digital transformation and service delivery. It also includes the launch of OpsRamp Community, an online resource where users can share platform best practices and address common questions.

Key OpsRamp highlights of the Fall 2018 release:

New Topology Explorer: Dynamically create a topology map of applications and network elements and their dependencies, and then use discovered topology to define service maps that model logical IT services. The Topology Explorer enables service-oriented operations management through:

  • Network Mapping - Automate infrastructure discovery and mapping for faster impact analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Application Mapping - Discover your application stack and visualize critical dependencies between application components.
  • Enhanced Service Maps - Zero in on alerts that are impacting the availability of your IT services quickly, through inline alert visualization within service maps. Prioritize the right alerts with enriched service impact information within alerts.

Multi-Cloud Database Monitoring: Monitor critical database performance metrics on your cloud relational databases on AWS, Azure, and Google through OpsRamp’s native instrumentation.

Improved Alert Management: Pause alerts during maintenance windows to prevent alert floods. Create policies that notify alert state changes, so that you can resolve issues without swapping tools. Alert filters now include text-based search which, when combined with the artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps)-powered Inference Engine, enables faster incident identification and restoration.

Comprehensive Reporting: Gain deeper alert insights and cloud cost reporting for your hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Understand which IT resources cause you the most trouble and generate cost analytics reports for your public cloud consumption.

“The OpsRamp platform continues to drive innovation that helps digital operations teams embrace the role of a shared services provider to their business units,” said Mahesh Ramachandran, VP of Product Management, OpsRamp. “Our Fall 2018 release expands on real-time service dependency mapping and multi-cloud infrastructure monitoring capabilities so that modern IT teams can better maintain digital services and deliver more compelling user experiences.”

With the Fall 2018 release, OpsRamp has also introduced OpsRamp Community; a self-service resource for customers and partners to find the answers they need and discuss platform functionality in a helpful setting. Customers can now speed resolution to common questions and discover new use cases they had never previously imagined.

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