1. Is Your Enterprise CI CD Solution Up to Snuff
10/22/2020 8:04:54 AM
Is Your Enterprise CI CD Solution Up to Snuff
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Is Your Enterprise CI CD Solution Up to Snuff

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are both the present and the future of software engineering, but that future is always shifting. As your business continues to evolve, so do your DevOps needs.

The big question is: Is your CI/CD solution adept at adapting? Why not take a moment to examine your current solution and see if it has what it takes to meet today’s needs – and tomorrow’s.

Is it truly enterprise-grade?

Enterprise DevOps has its own set of complexities and challenges. You need an enterprise-grade CI/CD platform that can keep up. Can you scale to adopt new teams and new technologies? Do you have failover capabilities to help eliminate downtime? Only the very best solution will allow you to do your very best work. 

Can it integrate with the tools you need?

Integration is a critical aspect of keeping up with change. You need a CI/CD platform that lets you work with whatever tools are right for your needs, now and in the future. Can you easily integrate the specific tools you need – best-of-breed tools purpose-built for the work to be done? Having the right tools for the job is key to doing the job right – efficient, effective, and productive. 

What about security and governance?

Of course, you want to ensure that your pipelines and projects are safe, secure, and traceable. Do you have systems in place that enable you to be audit-ready at all times? Are policy violations easy to create, identify, and address? Can you ensure that users have access to appropriate files, folders, and projects? These aren’t just nice-to-have features; they’re critical for your company – and for your peace of mind.

What else should you be thinking about?

These important considerations for your enterprise CI/CD solution are just the beginning. There is a plethora of other features and capabilities you should be considering in your CI/CD platform: Does it provide the means for continuous feedback at every stage of the software delivery process? Can it provide a path for migrating to the cloud – no matter which cloud you want to go to? Is it backed by a robust open-source community? You need a solution that can do it all –and do it all well.

These are just some of the things to ponder as you evaluate your current CI/CD solution – or potentially start to think about your next one. To take a closer look at how your solution stacks up, check out our in-depth checklist evaluation guide. Or, learn more about CloudBees – the unconditional leader in enterprise DevOps – and how we offer a CI/CD solution that checks all of these boxes, and more.

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