10/16/2013 7:24:55 AM
IRIS.TV and Unicorn Media Partner to Serve and Monetize Video Ads and Content Utilizing Native Mobile Video Players
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IRIS.TV and Unicorn Media Partner to Serve and Monetize Video Ads and Content Utilizing Native Mobile Video Players

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A new partnership between IRIS.TV and Unicorn Media allows publishers to dynamically serve video ads to all IP-enabled devices and enables them to deliver personalized video streams to any platform, while utilizing the native mobile video player. The services are compatible with any video delivery or consumer device and do not require SDKs or plug-ins.

IRIS.TV brings to the table software that is designed to increase revenue and simplify operations for web and mobile video distribution by matching personalized content and ads based on audience preferences creating a personalized TV experience for publishers through cross-platform recommendation software and analytics.

Unicorn Media’s contribution to the partnership includes solutions to allow content owners to deliver ad-supported video to any Internet-connected device in the world. Unicorn OnceVOD allows customers to access video content one time and deliver it to every Internet-connected device via a single URL. OnceVOD and OnceLIVE allow content owners to monetize their content on any device by dynamically inserting targeted ads and analyzing content and ad performance in real-time on every platform, allowing for on-the-fly changes to maximize profitability.

Read more: http://www.unicornmedia.com/press

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