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ImmuniWeb Mobile launches to offer better mobile security testing
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ImmuniWeb Mobile launches to offer better mobile security testing

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Security Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Test your iOS and Android app security and encryption with a new mobile testing solution from High-Tech Bridge.

High-Tech Bridge announces the launch of ImmuniWeb Mobile as part of ImmuniWeb Application Security Testing Platform. The new offering will provide comprehensive assessment of iOS and Android mobile applications, mobile infrastructure backend and data channel encryption. All ImmuniWeb Mobile packages are provided with a zero false-positives SLA.

The mobile application security testing is based on High-Tech Bridge’s proprietary SAST and DAST mobile testing technology, which fully covers the OWASP Top Ten Mobile Risks (2016); and is perfectly suited for both native and hybrid iOS and Android mobile applications. The technology also performs Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to detect insecure or vulnerable components putting users’ security and privacy at risk.

The mobile backend security testing leverages the hybrid security testing model and proprietary machine learning technology of their Platform, and is particularly tailored for Web Services and REST/SOAP API testing. XML and JSON data formats are also fully supported.

The encryption testing between the mobile application and its backend relies on High-Tech Bridge’s SSL/TLS security testing technology, already used by thousands of companies and organizations worldwide for encryption reliability and compliance testing (PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST).

Ilia Kolochenko, High-Tech Bridge’s CEO and Founder, says: “We are delighted to complement the ImmuniWeb Platform with one of the most comprehensive mobile security testing offerings currently available on the market. Mobile applications, and particularly their backends, remain one of the easiest targets for attackers. Quite often, companies protect their web applications, but forget about mobile backends, reducing all efforts to nothing. Similar to ImmuniWeb for web applications, the mobile offering will be simple, comprehensive and cost-efficient: every ImmuniWeb Mobile package performs thorough testing of the mobile application, its backend and the encryption in-between. In comparison to three different types of services purchased separately, it provides an unbeatable ROI for those wanting to ensure that their mobile infrastructure is entirely secure.”

High-Tech Bridge’s team will showcase ImmuniWeb Mobile during Black Hat Singapore, CRESTCon, Infosecurity Europe, ISF Congress and Black Hat Europe later this year.


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