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11/17/2023 10:53:19 AM
Hybrid quantum computing collaboration from NVIDIA
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Hybrid quantum computing collaboration from NVIDIA

Quantum Computing

Hybrid quantum computing collaboration from NVIDIA

Friday, November 17, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Terra Quantum announced that they are collaborating with NVIDIA to bring complex quantum algorithms to work for large-scale business applications as GPUs have the ability to handle dense math and high bandwidth memory, and unlock new avenues for businesses across diverse sectors, driving growth.

Terra Quantum, a quantum technology company, announced it is collaborating with NVIDIA to enhance the world of data analytics powered by hybrid quantum computing, with the goal of empowering businesses to achieve unparalleled performance and insights. Jointly, Terra Quantum and NVIDIA established a technical collaboration accelerating the integration of hybrid quantum through GPUs.

Terra Quantum develops applications powered by hybrid quantum algorithms, which combine the best of classical and quantum software. These applications can run on the state-of-the-art accelerated computing infrastructure from NVIDIA, delivering business performance, and will become even more performant with native quantum hardware in the future.

Terra Quantum aims to unlock unprecedented business performance with hybrid quantum computing in collaboration with NVIDIA

NVIDIA’s infrastructure platform and GPUs help enable these applications to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of data analytics. Additionally, the NVIDIA CUDA Quantum platform helps ensure efficient execution of the classical and quantum components of the Terra Quantum applications so that they can deliver maximum performance as an end-to-end solution.

By harnessing the immense potential of quantum computing, Terra Quantum aims to overcome existing limitations in processing complex data sets, offering enhanced speed, accuracy, and scalability. Its collaboration with NVIDIA will help unlock new avenues for businesses across diverse sectors, including finance, healthcare, logistics, energy, and more, empowering them to leverage data-driven strategies to drive growth, optimize operations, and create competitive advantages in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

"We are using our hybrid quantum algorithms delivered on NVIDIA GPUs to deliver significant business impact today. This collaboration will not only accelerate this impact but also help unlock a whole new range of opportunities in the areas of machine learning and simulation - while also setting a pathway for quantum computing," said Markus Pflitsch, CEO of Terra Quantum.

"Valuable quantum computing will require the tight integration of GPU supercomputing with tomorrow’s quantum processors. Our collaboration with Terra Quantum will put CUDA Quantum into the hands of a new set of researchers working to build the world’s first quantum accelerated applications, contributing to breakthroughs on the path to valuable quantum computing," said Tim Costa, Director of HPC and Quantum at NVIDIA.

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