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9/28/2022 1:25:28 PM
How to expand your fintech app overseas
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How to expand your fintech app overseas


How to expand your fintech app overseas

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Looking to expand your fintech app overseas? We cover how to tap into new markets and user behavior with the HUAWEI Analytics Kit, how to reach more users, the best HMS Core Kits and tools from HUAWEI, how to expand your reach globally with the HUAWEI Location Kit, and much more.

HUAWEI is committed to supporting developers as they expand their apps overseas.

With HMS Core device and cloud capabilities, they provide an all-in-one service offering for retail banking, digital wallets, and wealth management app development, making sure developers have all the tools necessary to grow globally.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best HMS Core Kits and tools at our disposal to help you target new markets, and reach more users.

Attract customers in new markets with the HUAWEI Push Kit

Serving over 200 countries across the world, HUAWEI Push Kit offers responsive, reliable, and precise push services. It enables your app to react to a wide range of usage scenarios, dramatically boosting user engagement. For your finance app, this includes things like account movements, card payments, security alerts, and suggestions.

With its diverse styles, the HUAWEI Push kit can attract both new and existing users with large text, inbox, action buttons, and many other ways to customize notifications. Its intelligent segmenting capability allows you to classify user groups by attribute, tag, and subscription to match precise user interests, meaning you’re more likely to see user retention once you gain a new customer.

Automated notifications can also intelligently push notifications by geofence or user context, so you can rest assured that customers will only receive notifications that are relevant to the region they’re in. What’s more, by providing regular analysis reports, you can check the latest statistics in AppGallery Connect to see if you need to make more accurate push adjustments.

Tap into user behavior with Analytics Kit

Tap into user behavior with Analytics Kit

HUAWEI Analytics Kit helps you to understand how customers in different markets behave, as well as improve the overall user experience. Providing free data analysis for a wide range of devices and platforms, you can make more informed decisions about product optimization and marketing in various locations based on your users' behavior.
For example, by evaluating the effects of every change you make to your app with version analysis reports, HUAWEI Analytics Kit can identify which features are most popular with audiences in different markets, with A/B testing so that you can optimize your app accordingly.

HUAWEI Analytics Kit also provides incredibly useful insights into the user lifecycle. It can shed light on user sources and quality, offering reports on new users, active users, revisit users, paid traffic, and channels. This can help to prevent user loss and improve user conversion.

Precision marketing meanwhile facilitates user segmentation and helps implement precise targeting.

How to expand your fintech app reach globally with the Location Kit

How to expand your fintech app reach globally with the Location Kit

With HUAWEI Location Kit, GNSS, Wi-Fi, and base stations triangulate user locations faster and more accurately. For your finance app, we can work with you to help you accurately locate your customer’s payment locations, or provide users with the location and business information of bank branches near them.

Meanwhile, geo-fencing sets up virtual geographic boundaries to detect events such as when a device enters, exits, or lingers.

Often integrated into conjunction with HUAWEI Location Kit, HUAWEI Map Kit can also help you with personalized map display and interactions, making location-based services work better for your app.

Support at every step

Support at every step

In addition to the Kits above, HUAWEI deploys professional teams and has extensive customer groups in major markets around the globe, including Europe. Domestic developers can leverage HUAWEI's market advantages, customer base, and promotion resources in overseas markets to enhance brand recognition and achieve rapid growth of global users.

Through AppGallery for example, HUAWEI helps to increase visibility and traffic through app exposure on the platform. This includes directing app download traffic through the Recommended Apps page, Splash Screen, AppGallery home page banner, and more. With over 9 major traffic resources, AppGallery is able to help developers reach out to users on its platform to boost awareness, engagement, and downloads.

HUAWEI also offers support through global traffic resources via the HMS Ecosystem, including Petal Search, HUAWEI Ads, and Assistant.TODAY, and more, further strengthening awareness and engagement among consumers. HUAWEI also provides 6 major marketing promotional resources, such as seasonal promotions, KOL engagement, and PR campaigns.

If you’re a developer looking to expand overseas, tap into our worldwide business operations and explore new opportunities!

Already built a successful finance app? Consider entering the Apps UP competition: https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/activity/detail/101655688249532294?ha_source=Starter-Kit&ha_sourceId=89000136

Want to meet like-minded developers? Come join the HUAWEI Developer Discord community: https://discord.com/invite/n6DTutkHKh

Discover more about HMS Core Kits here, and how they can help you to elevate your app overseas: https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/hms

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