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2/12/2015 9:18:29 AM
Hired.com Reinvents the Recruiting Process for Software Developers and DevOps Engineers
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Hired.com Reinvents the Recruiting Process for Software Developers and DevOps Engineers


Hired.com Reinvents the Recruiting Process for Software Developers and DevOps Engineers

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

It sounds like a simple idea - matching top developer talent with top companies - curating both sides so that each is assured that they are getting exactly the match they are looking for. 

And it’s interesting that no-one has come up with an approach in the way that Hired.com has done. So what is unique about their platform? Before discussing how Hired.com matches companies with developers, it’s worth understanding how they screen both the companies they work with as well as the developers that are represented on their platform.

Top Companies Looking for Top Talent

Hired.com works with companies that range from early stage startups to major public corporations. They extensively review every company to ensure their developer clients are matched with top companies offering top opportunities. Hired.com’s employer curation team approves all companies on a case by case basis. What you end up with is a mix of serious startups creating the top new tech all the way to Fortune 500 companies looking for top talent.

Hired.com currently works with more than 2,000 companies in 9 cities in the US and UK, including: San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Austin, Washington, D.C., New Jersey and London. This means that when you get that top paying job, you won’t be stuck in a backwater town.

What types of developers do they work with? The company is currently seeing an extremely strong market for developers with an in-depth knowledge of iOS, Android, Python and Ruby. They have also seen demand for data scientists, and engineers with strong DevOps skills or back-end technologies like Java / Scala. Front-end and UI/UX professionals with a good portfolio and technical proficiency are also in demand. The market for developers with .NET, Perl, PHP, and other specific types of skill sets can vary by geography. Because Hired.com only works with companies looking for elite talent, salaries start at $100,000 and go up to $350,000 per year.

What does this mean to you? If you’re just starting out and have not honed your skills within an enterprise driven environment, you probably won’t be accepted into the program. If you have a documented background of demonstrated performance and proficiency, you’re a good candidate.

In summery, both candidates and companies are vetted before inclusion in the Hired.com platform. Candidates must have a demonstrable talent in a desired technical field. Companies must be venture backed or publicly traded, have a clear need to hire, and be willing to provide compensation and role details in the offers they make on the platform. Much of the vetting process for developers is qualitative with technological guidance and assistance from the Hired.com team to make sure everyone who's participates in the platform, belongs in the platform.

How Does the Process Work?

It’s important to understand that when participating in the program you are under no obligation to accept any introduction to a company. You control the process. And you are actively hidden from any current or former employers. If you are worried about whether you are hidden from any specific employer, your Talent Advocate will work with you to ensure that you are.

Speaking of Talent Advocates, who are they? If you are accepted in the program, these are the people who work with you throughout the process. Their goal is aligned with your goals – to see you receive exactly the right opportunity, with the right company, at a compensation level that your experience level demands.

Now about the platform. In a nutshell, Hired.com hosts a weekly “Marketplace” where they release a new group of profiles of clients for companies that are actively in the recruiting process. These employers view the profiles and when they’re interested, they’ll send you an “introductory offer” with their pitch and compensation numbers upfront. As the offers come in, you can accept, reject, or ask them for revisions. You’ll be directly connected to the companies you choose to accept and move into the interview stage.

Accepting an introductory offer is non-binding and only indicates your mutual interest in the company. Most participants will receive multiple introductory offers, allowing you to begin the interview process with several top technology companies.

Accepting an introductory offer is merely the start of the process. It gets all the initial details out of the way first so you can focus on the real question: "Is this the right opportunity for me?" Each company is slightly different in how they interview, but all of them do some sort of technical vetting and in-person meeting. Technical vetting can take the form of coding exercises, white-boarding / collaborative code editing or review of past code samples. For the onsite meeting, some companies may bring you in immediately to meet the team and some may do a few phone calls first before having you in.

As long as your schedule lines up, on average it typically takes 10-15 business days for an introductory offer to turn into a final paper offer, with some small companies doing it much faster and some larger companies doing it slower.

How to Get Started

In less than two years, Hired now works with more than 2,000 tech companies that have placed over $5 billion in job offers to candidates in 9 different cities. With plans to expand to additional tech hubs in 2015, including Chicago, Atlanta, and Toronto, it seems that the Hired.com model is here to stay.  

To get started, go to Hired.com here to create a profile and apply to participate in the platform. The application process should take less than 10 minutes and you’ll be notified of your eligibility within two business days. 

Have a friend or a coworker you think might be interested in finding a new high paying employment opportunity as well? Hired.com has a referral program that pays you $1,337 once these people get hired, just for referring them to the platform. To refer a friend, you can go directly to the referral page through this link.

So if you think your ready to find a new gig with more benefits and more money, without the pain of wading through the standard recruiter dance, then visit Hired.com to learn more.

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