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4/5/2017 8:17:55 AM
GitLab 9.0 releases with all new functionality for the enterprise
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GitLab 9.0 releases with all new functionality for the enterprise


GitLab 9.0 releases with all new functionality for the enterprise

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

GitLab releases version 9.0 for enterprise collaboration including subgroups, deploy boards, and more.

In the latest issue of GitLab 9.0, some new features that they have added are attempting to address enterprise solutions to improve collaboration and discreet ownership as well as allow visibility throughout code deployments that implements built-in application monitoring. There update includes all new all new features like:

- Subgroups: Helps teams organize users and projects more effectively by allowing hierarchical groups that reflect team’s existing organizational structure.

- Deploy Boards: Users are able to watch a deploy from start to finish, allowing them to spot something that needs to be fixed with one click.

- Performance Monitoring: Makes performance monitoring a default in GitLab. This enables teams to go all the way from idea to deployment to code being monitored in production to solve application performance monitoring challenges.

To learn more about the GitLab platform and what it has to offer, we had a chat with Sid Sijbrandij, Co-Founder and CEO at GitLab.

ADM: How are these features beneficial to GitLab’s enterprise customers?

Sijbrandij: Enterprise users now have access to one tool for each step of the development lifecycle process. Extending beyond development into application monitoring, these new features provide more comprehensive control and insight into specific enterprise team projects.

ADM: How will the new features in the 9.0 release help the modern developer?

Sijbrandij: Enterprises need better collaboration solutions for visibility and accountability across teams as well as a better formula for how they measure and monitor the development process. With GitLab 9.0, the modern developer now has access to the tools needed to successfully address each step of the development lifecycle.

ADM: What problem is GitLab 9.0 solving for enterprises?

Sijbrandij: GitLab 9.0 specifically solves problems enterprise teams face with collaboration, code deployment and application monitoring. With GitLab 9.0 enterprise teams can deepen collaboration efforts by assigning project ownership based on organizational hierarchy. Using Deploy Boards, teams can observe the complete deployment process to see flaws before code is deployed. Another example, application monitoring has historically been a pain point for many enterprise development teams because it’s difficult to implement. GitLab 9.0 integrates application monitoring directly into the solution so teams can avoid the hassle of setting up a separate application monitoring tool.

ADM: Since this is the 64th consecutive monthly release, is it unique to GitLab to release feature updates monthly?

Sijbrandij: Yes. GitLab is the only development tool committed to releasing new, consistent updates and features every month. We enjoy the rhythm and will continue it for the foreseeable future.

ADM: How soon can developers begin using GitLab 9.0 in enterprise environments?

Sijbrandij: The new tools, Subgroups, Deploy Boards and Performance Monitoring are currently available.. Teams can update their current GitLab version today to start taking advantage of these new enterprise features.
Sid Sijbrandij
Sid Sijbrandij, Co-Founder and CEO at GitLab

ADM: Which enterprise customers are using 9.0?

Sijbrandij: Enterprise customers such as CERN, NASA and IBM have started using the new features among development teams.

ADM: How did GitLab decide to include these new features (e.g. demand from customers, saw growing need in space)?

Sijbrandij: As a community-first company, we are in constant communication with developers, actively listening to the enterprise features needed to address new and ongoing pain points in the development process as organizations grow and scale.

ADM: Is there a specific group of developers that these new features are aimed at (or would most benefit from)?

Sijbrandij: Our goal is to make software development easier for and more accessible to everyone. These latest features were implemented with enterprise development teams in mind and those interested in using modern developer tools.

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