1. Game of Chains launches from Cosmos
11/28/2022 11:57:22 AM
Game of Chains launches from Cosmos
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Game of Chains launches from Cosmos

Monday, November 28, 2022

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The Interchain Foundation (ICF) announced the release of the Game of Chains and that registration is open. It is the third publicly incentivized testnet in the history of Cosmos, following Game of Stakes and Game of Zones.

The Interchain Foundation (ICF), a Swiss non-profit that funds, stewards, and advances the Cosmos Ecosystem has announced the details of Game of Chains, the third public incentivized testnet in the history of Cosmos, following Game of Stakes and Game of Zones. A global community effort set to help validators develop confidence around Interchain Security and provide a public platform where this new technology can be thoroughly tested, the collaborative competition will run for 2-4 weeks and encourage validators from all around the world to compete and earn rewards totaling up to 20,000 ATOM tokens (ATOM).

Game of Chains from Cosmos

Interchain Security is a feature that will allow the Cosmos Hub to share security with other blockchains. On a technical level, this means that the Cosmos Hub validator set will gain the ability to validate other blockchains alongside the Cosmos Hub. These blockchains are called "consumer chains", and will be secured by the Cosmos Hub’s billions of dollars of staked ATOMs. Validators will have an opportunity to test “real world” consumer chain software that will be adopting Interchain Security in 2023! These projects include Neutron, Duality, and Stride!

Game of Chains open for registration

Game of Chains open for registration

The Interchain Foundation funds, stewards, and advances the Cosmos Ecosystem. Actively supporting and incentivizing development within the ecosystem, the Interchain Foundation plays an integral role in the community-driven initiatives to drive innovation within Cosmos. Cosmos is a decentralized network of independent, scalable, sustainable, and interoperable blockchains; there are more than 250 blockchain apps and services in the Cosmos Network with over $125 billion of digital assets under management. Focused on scalability and usability, Cosmos enables developers to rapidly and easily build blockchain applications. By allowing the blockchains to transact with one another, Cosmos creates a network of application-specific chains, spanning user-owned and operated platforms for decentralized finance (DeFi), social impact, privacy, gaming, as well as secure enterprise systems.

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