1. Future of digital communications according to Sendbird
12/20/2023 7:29:05 AM
Future of digital communications according to Sendbird
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Future of digital communications according to Sendbird

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

John Kim from SendBird shares 4 predictions for 2024 about the future of digital communications, including why we will see a push for control as GenAI and chatbots become more powerful, how personalization will integrate into GenAI, and that short-form multimedia communication will continue to grow.

Over the last year, human-to-machine interactions skyrocketed almost overnight with the launch of ChatGPT. These interactions were as intelligent and personal as ever, and the hype cycle for generative AI, large language models, and next-generation chatbots has stayed in hyperdrive.

Today, we’re experiencing the biggest paradigm shift since the Internet Dot.com boom - one that heavily influences my predictions for 2024.

1. Moderation of and ethics in communications:

Scrolling through LinkedIn, watching YouTube, and glancing through comments across social channels, I can’t help but wonder about the authenticity and "realness" of it all. It's become easy for humans to use AI technology that generates fake messages, images, or videos. Or for humans to create bots that create other bots.

Alarms are sounding. Regulatory bodies are engaged, getting involved much earlier with the technology than in the past due to a host of concerns from potential privacy issues to fear for the future of society and humanity. As generative AI and chatbots become increasingly powerful, the technology requires safety measures and ethical frameworks. Expect a push for control, whether top-down from government or bottom-up consumer demand.



Personalized communications with generative AI

2. Personalized communications with generative AI:

In terms of use cases where generative AI will explode in 2024, look for the technology to be extensively leveraged to create highly tailored content for consumers, from marketing emails to customer support interactions. Large language models can analyze massive amounts of consumer data to generate responses and content that resonates more deeply based on individual preferences, real-time behaviors, and past interactions.

This will lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. The challenge when building, however, will be to balance personalization with privacy concerns.

User centric asynchronous communication experiences

3. User-centric asynchronous communication experiences:

User-centric asynchronous communication experiences will also proliferate as people seek to break free from real-time constraints, communicating on their schedules instead. Technological advancements will foster seamless, context-rich interactions across diverse system integrations.

It will feel like a return to a more free-flowing, less time-sensitive way of engaging authentically, only built for a modern, digital world. Technological advancements enable consumers to start a conversation on one device or platform and continue it on another without losing the context or history of the interaction. The result will be a cohesive, boundless communications experience catered to end users.

Dominance of short form multimedia communication

4. Dominance of short-form multimedia communication:

The rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels has popularized short-form multimedia content, a trend that will continue growing in 2024. As this drives an overall shift in consumer behavior and expectations of content format, businesses will adapt accordingly.

Developers will create more short-form, catchy communication opportunities for effective storytelling, brand promotion, and viral marketing. Think ads, product demos, customer testimonials, brand awareness videos, and the list goes on. We’ll ultimately see unique and memorable communications that consumers respond to vs. the omnichannel mess that is customer communications today.

And there you have it! Cheers to an excellent 2024, filled with new communications opportunities.

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