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6/11/2019 8:05:33 AM
Enterprise Low Code Factory launches at PegaWorld
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Enterprise Low Code Factory launches at PegaWorld

Low Code No Code

Enterprise Low Code Factory launches at PegaWorld

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Enterprise Low Code Factory has been released at PegaWorld 2019 in Las Vegas to provide citizen developers to easily create software while reducing the risks associated.

Pegasystems Inc. announced at PegaWorld the launch of Enterprise Low-Code Factory - a centralized dashboard that helps employees quickly create enterprise software that complies with company standards. With tools, training, and other resources, Enterprise Low-Code Factory helps businesses cultivate and scale their own home-grown community of citizen developers while minimizing the usual sacrifices of software quality, consistency, or governance.

With little to no coding experience required, low-code development has grown rapidly in the face of unprecedented demand for software. In fact, Gartner predicts that market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT’s capacity to deliver it through 2021. But left unchecked, these well-intended low-code app makers could unknowingly cause shadow IT issues - including security concerns, software updating gaps, work duplication, and organizational silos. Organic low code adoption might be sustainable for small companies, but it’s hard for large organizations to effectively scale without guardrails in place to prevent IT chaos.Pega’s Enterprise Low-Code Factory lets businesses operationalize the global deployment of low code companywide to accelerate their race toward digital transformation. Anyone in the business can be empowered with the freedom, skills, and confidence to quickly build any kind of app they need to succeed. At the same time, business and IT leaders get the control to ensure each app is built with the consistency of a fine-tuned assembly line.

Meet Duncan MacDonald, Pega DX Hero

Enterprise Low Code Factory Features:

  • Tools: With the Pega Platform at its core, the Factory makes low-code more accessible to more people in the company. Users of all experience levels can start fast with pre-defined templates to build apps that are quick to deploy, up to date, and easy to change. Pega makes app building collaborative between the maker, IT and other stakeholders - ensuring a transparent, intuitive, and seamless process with a continuous feedback loop.
  • Guardrails: Uniform governance to ensure consistency - Citizen developers can always dabble in the Pega app making playground, but when it’s time launch a real business app, the Factory has the guardrails to ensure quality and compliance. Makers just click the ‘Request to Build’ button to generate a simple business case for the company-defined governance team. Governance stakeholders control a host of customizable options, including approvals over which apps get released, what features to include, how ‘enterprise-ready’ they should be, who gets to use them, and who can make changes.
  • Education: Courses and resources to empower more makers - Any Factory users can up-level their skills with supporting educational resources, including specially-designed Pega Academy courses, video tutorials, help documents, and Pega Community articles.

The dashboard brings all these elements together in an integrated and intuitive environment. Users have quick access to the apps they use most, the apps they are building, and the ecosystem of approved apps built by others to enable better software reuse, as well as links to educational resources.

Enterprise Low-Code Factory is scheduled to be available by the end of Q3 2019 for Pega Platform customers with current support contracts. It will also be demonstrated at the annual PegaWorld conference being held this week June 2-5 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.

Part of the Pega Infinity digital transformation suite, Pega Platform low-code app development environment leverages digital process automation (DPA), including AI and robotics, to drive business processes and customer journeys from end to end.

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