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9/8/2017 11:01:37 AM
Drawing app Da Vinci Eye releases for iOS
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Drawing app Da Vinci Eye releases for iOS


Drawing app Da Vinci Eye releases for iOS

Friday, September 8, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Mobile AR enabled app, Da Vinci Eye app, lets users learn to draw using your phones built in camera.

The “Da Vinci Eye: Anyone Can Draw” app is now available on the Apple app store. Da Vinci Eye allows people of all ages and skill levels to learn to draw by tracing a picture projected through their iPhone screen. The app includes three different settings called classic, step-by-step and lesson of the day.  

“After years of hearing family and friends explain to me that drawing was so hard and it was something they wished they were able to do, I decided to find a way to make the process as easy as possible.” Samuel Gherman, Da Vinci Eye developer said. “When I soft-launched the app, there were 50,000 downloads in the first five weeks alone. It made me realize that there are many more people who find value in this app and use it in their own unique ways.

The app allows people with varying levels of drawing skills, from beginner to expert, learn and perfect their art. The classic setting can be used for planning out paintings for people at a higher skill level while the step-by-step guide is best suited for people starting out and wanting to learn how to create their own masterpiece. 

“I wanted to create a way to bring art into all people’s lives whether they considered themselves an artist or not - even if they never thought they could draw.” The tremendous response to the soft launch is a testament to how important this app is,” Gherman said. “It lets anyone realize their creative vision right away"

The “Da Vinici Eye” classic setting provides different options for users to sketch their art through using a light, filters, changing the opacity and strobing the photo through the app for a live update comparison. The step-by-step setting gives users the option to make the drawing into as many steps they need to finish their masterpiece. The lessons setting teaches the absolute basics of drawing and structure using guides. This setting will eventually teach users to draw without relying on the classic and step-by-step settings of the app as a way of creating art.

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