1. Donky Releases SDK to Deliver HTML5 Content for InApp Messaging
8/12/2015 12:08:55 PM
Donky Releases SDK to Deliver HTML5 Content for InApp Messaging
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Donky Releases SDK to Deliver HTML5 Content for InApp Messaging

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Donky has launched a new mobile SDK that enables the creation of mobile and web app inboxes and the delivery of HTML5 content to them. The module offers a customizable UI which enables developers to reach users with content without the restrictions of email. 

The goal of the platform is to bring the capabilities of HTML5 to in-app messaging to enable content delivery, whatever the platform, as an alternative to email. Key features of the in-app inbox include:

- Customizability and control: The UI of the inbox can be customized to match any app and configured within the SDK to meet an app’s needs for specific behaviors. This gives control over what the inbox and messages within it look like.

- Free notifications: When a message is sent to the inbox, the user receives a notification which takes them straight to the message when clicked.  However, simple update or informational messages can be sent silently by switching off notifications to increment the badge count on an app (iOS and web) without interrupting a user’s day with unnecessary alerts. Notifications are also used to confirm that the message was successfully delivered.

- Content sharing: Developers can choose whether to allow users to share messages via social networks, email or SMS (for mobile), achieving reach and awareness beyond the mobile app or online community and enabling access to new customers. When a message is shared, Donky generates a URL including a unique reference which tracks the hits the URL receives for messaging and campaign reach analytics.

- Content expiry: Inbox content can be set to expire at any time to ensure relevance and the creation of time-sensitive offers. All messages expire automatically after 30 days to minimize the space used in the device or browser. Messages set to expire can also be replaced with simple “you missed out” or “better luck next time” communications.

- High impact visual content: Donky supports many default content types from images to videos, buttons, tables and real-time personalization, which can be dragged and dropped into a message. If a particular feature isn’t already included, it can be added using a custom HTML to support additional requirements. This could include tracking code, ad network code or custom layouts.

- Security: Donky provides a guaranteed high level of security for messages sent via the network. Rich content sent to the inbox is encrypted via 2048 bit transport layer security (TLS) and each SDK is authenticated onto the network with a Client API key; securing customer data, personal information and communications.

Read more: http://www.mobiledonky.com/

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