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9/19/2014 8:46:27 PM
Don’t Lose a New App User: Learn How to Engage Them in Less Than 10 Seconds
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Don’t Lose a New App User: Learn How to Engage Them in Less Than 10 Seconds


Don’t Lose a New App User: Learn How to Engage Them in Less Than 10 Seconds

Friday, September 19, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Congratulations! You’ve done a great job of marketing your app and you’ve convinced someone to download it. You are set right? But wait, what happened? The user bailed and never came back. Ouch! All that marketing work gone to waste. 

What happened? Perhaps the problem was you made it too hard for the user to get started and ultimately integrate the app in their daily lives. Perhaps you didn’t meet their expectations. Perhaps you asked them to sign up for something immediately and they weren’t ready to do so.

In the news business, we deal with this problem every day. We only get a few words in an article title to get you interested in reading the article. And that first paragraph better get you engaged or you are going to bail.

Localytics works with a number of developers through their analytics and marketing platform and they suggest that you need to significantly engage a new user in ten seconds. 

Whoa, you say - ten seconds doesn’t sound like much time. Nothing can be accomplished in ten seconds right? Well, a hummingbird’s wings beat 50 times in a second, that’s 500 times in ten seconds. Granted, app users aren’t hummingbirds, but with today’s hyper overloaded world of information, most people have the attention span of a hummingbird. Google’s Eric Schmidt once said that we now create more information in two days that was created from the dawn of time through 2003. 

As Localytics points out, ten seconds can be an eternity to an app user. In less than ten seconds, you need to be able to convey your app’s value, showcase notable features and engage your users. So how do you accomplish that in such a short period of time?

Lucky for you, Localytics has provided a free publication: 10 Ways to Better Engage App Users in 10 Seconds. In it, you'll learn ten new engagement techniques you can launch during a users’ first ten seconds in-app to create an immediately captivating experience.

You scoff right? Think of how speed dating works. You’re not trying to get a yes to a marriage proposal in a speed date, your goal is to get a date. Get the date and you have time for meaningful engagement. With a new app user, you need to get that date. One suggestion Localytics gives is to immediately offer a mini orientation when a user first opens your app. Give them something to do right off the bat that is easy, yet helps move them towards the process of using the app. 

Localytics' publication, like the topic, is quick hitting - providing 10 engagement concepts that you can easily implement in your app. It’s available now and is offered as a free download.

Read more: http://info.localytics.com/4h-10-ways-to-better-en...

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