11/7/2018 6:48:44 AM
Digital Automation Intelligence Suite from Eggplant gets updated
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Digital Automation Intelligence Suite from Eggplant gets updated

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Artificial Intelligence Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Eggplant AI now provides intelligent reporting, allowing DevOps teams to understand why there are problems with a release. In addition - it now has automated the ability to analyze the usability of their software without requiring human feedback

Eggplant has announced the latest enhancements to its Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Suite. They say these new capabilities further extend the level of intelligent automation and insight into the customer experience by assisting with the modeling and automation of complex systems, diagnosing problems identified in test and automating usability testing.

DAI is an AI-driven approach that delivers continuous intelligent test automation, enabling organizations to test the end-to-end customer experience and predict the user impact of new product versions prior to release. By expanding automation and visibility, DAI allows organizations to truly optimize the digital experience.

New additions in the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite include:

Eggplant AI, the AI-powered test modeling and automated test creation product, is now able to provide intelligent reporting, allowing DevOps teams to understand why there are problems with a release rather than simply receiving failure notifications. These intelligent insights are based on Eggplant’s bug hunting algorithms and using these algorithms to rapidly identify the root-cause patterns that lead to failures. Eggplant AI has also been extended to allow the testing of vast enterprise software systems via sub-models, model versioning and other collaboration features. Sub-models allow a large, complex system model to be broken down to keep it easy to use and to manage.

Eggplant Functional, will now provide organizations with the ability to analyze the usability of their software without requiring human feedback. Eggplant can spot problems that will cause user dissatisfaction that may lead to poorer business outcomes. These can include text that is difficult to read, bad color choices, or improperly rendered or obscured images.

Other additions to the Suite include enhanced integration and collaboration capabilities to support large, enterprise teams.

Read more: https://eggplant.io/

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