1. Diffusion 6.4 real-time API management platform lands
2/5/2020 1:00:31 PM
Diffusion 6.4 real-time API management platform lands
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Diffusion 6.4 real-time API management platform lands

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Diffusion 6.4 released and aims to overcome poor ISP Quality-of-Service, plus it Delivers 73% data savings, simplifies and streamlines data model creation, and maintenance for real-time applications.

Push Technology released the Diffusion 6.4 Real-Time API Management Platform.  With the new release, data model creation and maintenance is simplified, resulting in faster development, increased data stream integration efficiency, and assured data delivery priority -- no matter the size or source of the data.

Easy data stream integration and management

Data stream integration and management is vital to the success of real-time web, mobile, or IoT applications. Push Technology's new Diffusion 6.4 release introduces valuable new data handling capability including stream content splitting and partial updates.  This enables easy selective distribution, fine grained access control, simple integration with back-end legacy sources, and efficient handling of large data types.

Now developers can easily view, modify, and manage their application data model; optimize management of large data values; control data lifetime across clusters; streamline data model editing and modification, and control data delivery priority and compression.  This enhanced platform capability shortens application development time and simplifies data management for cost-effective ongoing operations.

High value for Diffusion customers

Ganchrow Scientific, based in Costa Rica, uses Diffusion Cloud 6.4 to overcome poor local ISP quality-of-service and to fuel the success of their eGaming business from development through ongoing operations. 

Brian Alonso, Senior Software Engineer at Ganchrow, comments on Diffusion’s high value to Ganchrow’s operations and development, "We have seen a huge 73% savings in messages using the new Diffusion 6.4 Topic Expansion feature. Now, we can update all events simultaneously, with each event mapped to its own topic, and clients only need to subscribe to the topics users want to see at the moment.  Diffusion Cloud was fast and simple to implement and the support and documentation are excellent.”  

Scott Eisenberg, Principal at Ganchrow, continued, “Diffusion Cloud also solves the native infrastructure reliability challenges in Costa Rica and removes the ongoing IT maintenance burden from our team. These are huge bonuses in a geography where ISP quality-of-service is unreliable and the pool of high-quality technical talent is small.”

Eisenberg added, "Our application runs across geographically dispersed locations and it must serve thousands of customers concurrently, operate reliably regardless of fluctuating demand, and deliver accurate betting data to our customers in real-time – Diffusion Cloud assures we meet these requirements.”  

Sean Bowen, Push Technology’s CEO, comments, “We maintain our leadership position as a real-time API Management platform provider through close relationships with our valued customers. These global relationships allow us to keep our fingers on the pulse of the many markets we serve and assure we deliver the vital functionality required to simplify and speed real-time application development and support optimal ongoing operations.”

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