9/8/2014 3:15:02 PM
Crittercism Releases iOS App Performance Report in Advance of iOS8 and iPhone 6 Launch
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Crittercism Releases iOS App Performance Report in Advance of iOS8 and iPhone 6 Launch

Richard Harris Richard Harris in iOS Monday, September 8, 2014

To help iOS mobile developers receive clarity on how apps perform across the iOS landscape, Crittercism has launched its Mobile Experience Benchmark Report – Apple Edition.

For the report Crittercism gathered data from one billion users in more than 120 countries and analyzed more than three billion events/day over a month, focusing on iOS performance. The report outlines the latest iOS performance metrics including crash rates across iOS versions, devices, latency by carrier and Wi-Fi, and much more.

The reports shows that the average iOS developer’s app depends on 6+ cloud services with 52% using over 5 services. Examples include: Facebook for logins, Amazon Web Services for storage, and Flurry for analytics. 

The reports also shows that iOS apps depend on many services and service calls. A single app may make multiple services calls per end user interaction. It is the aggregate latency and error rates across these service calls that determines the end user experience. 

The two metrics to focus on are error rate and latency. The report shows that, while users expect responses in under 1 second, 5% of calls experience higher latency and 46% have over 500 ms latency. In addition, 17% of service calls have over 5% error rate and 13% have over 10% error rates.

Other findings in the report include:

- T-Mobile is the fastest iOS carrier while Sprint  and US Cellular are the slowest (at 1.3x the speed of T-Mobile)

- In the US, Virginia Beach has the fastest iOS and Wi-Fi responsiveness while Cleveland has the slowest (global rankings also included in deck)

- Raleigh has the fastest iOS carrier responsiveness while Kansas City has the slowest (global rankings also included in deck)

- France has the fastest Wi-Fi responsiveness of all G20 countries while Japan has the fastest carrier responsiveness iOS Crash Rate, Version & Device

- 46% of iOS apps have more than a 1% crash rate (the web’s norm uptime is 99.9%, mobile should be under 1%) 

- The most recent iOS versions (7 & 7.1) have a 2.1% crash rate

- Of all Apple mobile devices, iPhone 5s crashes least while the iPad Mini crashes the most

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