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CPA marketing, avoid being dooped
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CPA marketing, avoid being dooped


CPA marketing, avoid being dooped

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Even though it’s been around for awhile, CPA marketing draws a lot of attention, especially from newcomers to the industry. It requires very little in terms of start up costs, and it can be extremely profitable.CPAis how merchants measure the cost incurred during the process of converting a site visitor into a paying customer. Using the CPA method, merchants pay marketers for drawing traffic to their sites and then getting those potential customers to take some type of action related to a specific advertisement. These actions run the gamut from submitting a form for more information, to accepting the offer of a free download, to making an actual purchase. Basically, CPA marketers make money by getting visitors to take action on the advertiser’s site or by helping merchants acquire new customers.

On the surface, CPA marketing soundslike a simple, easy, and quick way to generate revenue. But the majority of people who venture down this trail soon confront common CPA perils and pitfalls that carry them down the footpath of failure. Here’s what you should avoid. 

Don’t treat it like a game. Sure, it sounds fun, but to be successful you must view this as a long-term business. Research profitable niches, and then turn that research into a marketing plan complete with a targeting program. Learn the jargon, risks, demands, and guidelines involved with CPA marketing. Take it seriously. 

Don’t be small-minded. When deciding which CPA network(s) to apply to, go big. The larger networks, while harder to connect with, have all the kinks (unstable management, stagnant cash flow, poor customer service) worked out. Start-up networks usually fail within the first few years because they are plagued by these problems. Go with networks that are tried and true. 

Don’t put your eggs in one basket. Diversify. Invest in more than one niche. If demand suddenly drops in one category, you still have the others to fall back on. 

Don’t rest. Regardless of what you may have heard or read, CPA marketing will not put you on the fast-track to becoming a millionaire. You have to work at it constantly and consistently. Low start-up costs draw a ton of competition. Work to portray yourself as an expert and to gain your customers’ trust. Always ask yourself, “Why should people buy from me? How can I set myself apart from the competition?”Lastly, collect and analyze data constantly. What’s working? What’s sucking the life out of your bottom line? Make adjustments that make sense.

You can generate a decent income with CPA marketing. Just create your travel plan before you hit the road. By doing so, you can avoid being snowed under on your journey to becoming an affiliate marketing maven.

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