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8/4/2014 1:19:45 PM
Corona Releases Composer GUI in Latest Version of Mobile SDK
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Corona Releases Composer GUI in Latest Version of Mobile SDK


Corona Releases Composer GUI in Latest Version of Mobile SDK

Monday, August 4, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Corona Labs has announced the new public release of the Corona SDK. There are a number of new features and fixes in this public release. One of the biggest is that Composer GUI (in beta) is now available to all users of Corona SDK, including the starter and basic version. Also, this build addresses Google Play’s coming deadline conceringn using their advertising ID. Corona reports the Admob plugin will work with this release.

The Composer GUI is a visual editor for Corona SDK that provides the ability to rapidly create apps and games for multiple platforms. Developers can create the user interface, scenes, and levels in conjunction with the Composer API scene management library. This drag-and-drop tool can help significantly speed up development workflow.

Composer GUI offers the following basic features:

- Load and save scenes/levels
- Preview transition animation and physics within the Composer GUI
- Set scene options such as canvas size, background color, grid settings, and more
- Create custom shapes, lines, and text using the tools in the left toolbar
- Set the shape size, fill, stroke, position, and rotation interactively or via the inspector panels
- Add image assets to a scene by drag-and-drop
- Create timeline animations using the timeline properties panel
- Add physics to images and custom shapes and set specific parameters for each
- Lock, hide, and arrange objects in the timeline object inspector
- Add objects to display groups

What else is new in the release: 

- Composer GUI Beta (Mac only)
- ParticleSystem objects library (Pro subscription and higher)
- Support for Particle Designer 2.0 and other Particle Design tools
- LiquidFun library (Pro subscription and higher)
- Custom Device skin (Pro subscription and higher)
- Widget library fixes
- Transition library fixes
- Updated Android Facebook SDK
- Updated iOS Facebook SDK (plugin)
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
- Improvements to Mac and Windows Simulator

Read more: https://developer.coronalabs.com/content/corona-sd...

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