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CONNECTIONS Conference to Feature Technology and Business Solutions for IoT and the Connected Home
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CONNECTIONS Conference to Feature Technology and Business Solutions for IoT and the Connected Home

Richard Harris Richard Harris in IoT Monday, April 20, 2015

Parks Associates will host the 19th-annual CONNECTIONS connected home conference on May 19-21, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport.

CONNECTIONS focuses on technology and business solutions for the connected consumer. The event features consumer research and market strategies to monetize digital content, mobile applications and services, value-added services, connected consumer electronics, and home systems. The conference includes presentations from analysts and sessions featuring executives in the connected entertainment and digital home technology industries. 

The keynote, “Taking a Mobile-First Approach to the Smart Home,” will be presented by Farooq Muzaffar - Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Development for Verizon. The three days of presentations will offer information and analysis on: New Business Models; Challenges/Opportunities; Standards/Interoperability Issues; Technology Trends; and Consumer Trends and Research.

Specific event topics include:

Entertainment, Content Delivery, and Access Services

- Unlocking the Value of Personalization
- Profit in the New World of OTT
- The Reality of the Second Screen: Interaction, Social Networking, and the Consumer
- Original Content and Key Differentiators for Entertainment Services
- Multichannel Networks and Emerging Video Alternatives
- Evolution of Content Access: Cloud-based Services, 4K, & Other Innovations
- Content Rights and the Reshaping of the Video Industry
- Connected CE Devices and Platforms

Set-top Boxes and New Platforms: What's Next in Hybrid Video

- Generating Revenue From OTT Streaming
- Streaming as Standard: The New User Experience
- Entertainment and the New User Experience
- Role of Connected Device Platforms in the Content Ecosystem
- 4K/UHD TVs: Are They Changing the TV Landscape?
- Smart Home: Security, Controls, Energy, and Smart Devices

Integrating Smart Products into Smart Home Systems

- Internet of Things: Innovations and New Value Propositions
- Standards and Interoperability: Creating Competition through Cooperation
- Winning Channel Strategies for Smart Home Services  
- Innovations Creating New Opportunities

APIs: Extending Functionality for all Connected Devices

- Connected Cars: The Next Smart Platform 
- Commerce Opportunities on Connected Devices
- Wearables and Connected Health Opportunities in the Home
- Premium Support Services: Connected Devices and IoT
- Smart Toys: Engaging the Digital Native Generation

Read more: http://www.parksassociates.com/events/connections-...


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