1. Cloud migration platform wants to bring apps to the cloud
2/8/2018 11:16:59 AM
Cloud migration platform wants to bring apps to the cloud
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Cloud migration platform wants to bring apps to the cloud

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in Cloud Services Thursday, February 8, 2018

New application platform automates management of applications, data, and security, and aims to reduce legacy application modernization time.

AppOrbit has announced the availability of its application modernization and migration product, AppPorter. Automating digital transformation, the platform analyzes applications and their data dependencies, translates each application into a modern, comprehensive application container, and imports the fully functioning application, free of dependencies, into the cloud, without rewriting any code. Legacy applications, such as Siebel and Oracle, can also be modernized and transitioned into the cloud in a matter of days versus months with the traditional services-oriented approach claims the launch. Customers can choose any infrastructure that offers the best combination of price, reliability, availability, and performance.

AppPorter promises the ability to analyze, translate, and migrate workloads from any on-premise and/or cloud platform to any other on-premise and/or cloud platform, reducing IT expenses and eliminating vendor lock-in. It also aims for enterprises to reduce legacy application migration time by 80 percent and legacy migration cost by more than 60 percent. Enterprises with existing cloud applications can, after modernization, gain freedom from cloud-specific tools by transferring their applications into an affordable cloud AppOrbit says.

“Based on customer feedback, the combination of automation, migration, flexibility, and control that AppPorter delivers to enterprises is unparalleled and addresses today’s top IT challenges,” says Rahul Ravulur, co-founder and CEO of AppOrbit. “Enterprises are tired of being trapped in a hard-to-update monolithic infrastructure or shackled into a specific cloud environment, while they watch competitors rapidly innovate and grow. AppPorter gives them the ability to break free from the traditional methodology and quickly and cost-effectively modernize critical applications to keep pace in today’s dynamic business environment.”