1. ChickfilA used visual A-B testing to improve mobile experience
11/8/2017 7:52:29 AM
ChickfilA used visual A-B testing to improve mobile experience
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ChickfilA used visual A-B testing to improve mobile experience

ChickfilA used visual A-B testing to improve mobile experience

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Application Testing Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mobile A/B visual testing for mobile from Taplytics is giving Chick-fil-A results for their app.

Mobile visual A/B testing is a process by which enterprises of all sizes are seeing satisfying results, all while companies are simultaneously increasing the value of their mobile presence. We sat down and talked with both Aaron Glazer, the CEO and Co-Founder of Taplytics, and Jay Ramirez, the Mobile Product Manager at Chick-fil-A Corporate, to learn about how the Chick-fil-A mobile app has seen an overall user experience boon from tapping Taplytics for visual A/B testing.

ADM: How does Chick-fil-A’s mobile app work and what features are offered? What goals are trying to be achieved?

Ramirez: We wanted to offer customers a dining experience that was relaxed and personalized. With a customer-centric approach in mind, customers can order ahead, browse the entire menu, and redeem free food all through the app.

ADM: What in-app payment options are currently available to users?

Ramirez: Digital gift card, credit card, and third party payment options like Apple Pay and Visa Pay.

ADM: How has the mobile app shifted customer’s mindset about mobile payments?

Ramirez: Since we launched our mobile app in June 2016, we have seen both user and sales growth. Now, our app is a central component to the overall experience we offer our customers. Plus, people who use the app are more likely to keep
using it and often order and spend more at Chick-fil-A than other customers. App user rate has increased and we are noticing that more people are using the app.

ADM: Why were Chick-fil-A customers experiencing issues when it came to payment options on the app?

Ramirez: Even though paying by credit card was an option offered, we noticed poor user rates and were receiving customer complaints.

ADM: When was Chick-fil-A’s mobile app launched? When did you use Taplytics?

Ramirez: The mobile app was launched in June 2016. Taplytics was used early in 2017 for one month.

ADM: Using Taplytics, how was Chick-fil-A able to make changes and reduce the number of customer complaints?

Ramirez: Using Taplytics A/B testing to revamp the screens in the app and change the user flow to verify a solution that offered a better experience for our customers. With our app, we aim to provide a personalized and convenient experience to our customers. To achieve that, our goals were to increase the use of the credit card payment option, and reduce the number of customer complaints. Within just a month of testing, we saw a significant statistical change in the amount of users using the credit card payment option after implementing a new user flow than before. Now, the in-app credit card payment option is one of the most used out of all payment options when ordering at Chick-fil-A.

ADM: What does Taplytics do?

Glazer: Taplytics is a fully integrated, mobile A/B testing platform that allows users to make data informed decisions about their app - from UX and UI performance to retention and engagement.

ADM: How is Taplytics approach different from the competition?

Glazer: Our customers are trying to achieve and unlock growth like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. To do this, companies need access to the right people with the right tools. What Taplytics does differently than its competitors is provide a data-driven culture from a software perspective. Ultimately that's what our customers are looking for, and we've created unique features that are able to centralize and democratize that software to enable growth throughout a company’s entire team.

ADM: How Does Taplytics Help Customers?

Glazer: Taplytics helps customers in 4 ways:

1. Makes real-time changes that result in better business decisions
2. Tests their hypotheses and assumptions through rapid A/B testing
3. Optimizes messaging and imagery for better conversion rates
4. Leverages data from customer insights to build a data-driven marketing and mobile

The Taplytics features are:

  • Visual Editor: Edit the look, and feel, and interface of what you see within a mobile app without having to change any code.

  • Push notification applications: Test and run push notification campaigns across different industries and segments.

  • Lab products: These are experiments that the Taplytics team have conducted out of personal interest on topics that are relevant to mobile testing, but don’t necessarily fit into the product.

  • Dashboard: Access in-app analytics and better understand what’s working and what’s not

  • Taplytics Big-Query: Query new events immediately with real-time data and connect to nearly any other service

About Aaron Glazer

Aaron Glazer is CEO and Co-Founder of Taplytics. Most recently, he was a strategy consultant at ZS Associates. A graduate of the MBA program at the Rotman School of Management, Aaron majored in Corporate Strategy. Prior to completing his MBA, Aaron worked as a management consultant at Accenture. Aaron also co-founded an online startup where he oversaw the development of several online and mobile products.

About Jay Ramirez

Jay Ramirez is the Mobile Product Manager at Chick-fil-A Corporate. With over 15 years experience in digital marketing, Jay Ramirez brings a breadth of experience to his role leading interactive strategy for clients like McDonald's, Coca Cola, Visionworks, Western Union, and Midas. He has previous served clients such as Pfizer pharmaceuticals, WebMD, Guinness, Lexmark, and KidKraft. Jay has thrived through the many evolutions in the digital industry matured by creating innovative ways for companies to solidify their brands, increase sales and engage customers through interfaces that redefined the meaning of great usability.

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