1. Change human body features from head to toe with this app
6/13/2018 8:45:43 AM
Change human body features from head to toe with this app
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Change human body features from head to toe with this app

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Augmented Reality Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The LIKE app's new AR and AI new effect feature called Shaping Magic lets app users change human features in real time.

Manipulating video in real time is difficult - especially if you are editing features of the human body such as making someone taller, or more skinny. LIKE - the video creation and social app just released a new feature that is touted as the first augmented reality and artificial intelligence mobile video effect, called Shaping Magic. The new feature, available for free to all LIKE users, enables video creators to manipulate the shape and form of body features, from head to toe.
“Shaping Magic is the latest additional feature launched worldwide for LIKE creators, increasing the number of free features we offer. Any LIKE user can create the perfect video highlighted by their own definition of beauty – which they control. LIKE and our parent company, BIGO Technology are dedicated to being the first to ensure that everyone can experience free AI and AR technology as conveniently and easily as possible,” said Aaron Wei, Sr. Vice President, BIGO Technology. “With hundreds of unique special effects, LIKE is empowering video creators to effortlessly turn their imagination into reality, whatever it may be, quickly and at no cost.”
LIKE’s Shaping Magic effect is entirely customizable by the user, meaning video creators can adjust not only the degree to which their body parts are manipulated, but they can also change individual body elements. From the shape of their head, to the size of their hands, to the roundness of their posterior - virtually anything is possible with LIKE.