8/21/2018 8:24:27 AM
Build communications apps with less coding thanks to PHLO
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Build communications apps with less coding thanks to PHLO

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Messaging Tuesday, August 21, 2018

PHLO is a new drag-and-drop visual editor that claims to make it exceptionally easy to build communication based apps in a CPaaS environment.

Plivo announces the immediate availability of PHLO, a new way for developers to rapidly build and embed communications into their applications. PHLO, available via the Plivo platform, allows developers to visually integrate voice and SMS into apps in minutes, eliminating the need to constantly refer to documentation and reducing the number of coding lines and integration steps.

“While communication APIs have simplified the notorious complexity of telecom, building communication capabilities into business applications is still an involved process with multiple steps - from extensive documentation reference to asynchronous collaboration to testing multiple iterations,” said Venky Balasubramanian, CEO of Plivo. “These steps have throttled innovation and increased time to market. With PHLO, we’re giving developers a whole new way to create, modify and update their app’s communication functionalities in minutes.”

Unlike visual application builders that automate partial workflows for a limited set of use cases, PHLO provides 100 percent functional parity with Plivo APIs and XML to enable virtually any use case, whether it’s a simple order notification and chatbot or a full-featured call center.

PHLO is now available and free, regardless of scale, for Plivo CPaaS customers. Users only pay for calls and messaging, based on actual volume. PHLO is serverless and hosted on the Plivo platform, and includes pre-built use case templates with an option to add custom code.


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