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9/27/2017 5:01:13 PM
Bugsee crash reporting platform gets all new integrations
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Bugsee crash reporting platform gets all new integrations

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Bugsee crash reporting platform gets all new integrations

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Mobile bug tracking and crash reporting software, Bugsee, now offers all new integrations to its platform.

Bugsee has announced new developer-friendly features including instant feedback, application health assessment, and new integrations with popular mobile development frameworks, bug trackers and collaboration tools. These enhancements underscore the company's mission to arm mobile app developers with the information needed to find and fix pesky bugs right at their fingertips.

Bugsee continuously captures video of user interactions in live apps so that developers can see first-hand the actions that led to the bug or crash. When a bug is reported or an app crashes, the platform automatically sends a notification to the user's bug tracker of choice. The Bugsee dashboard then displays all the crucial data that led to the bug, including short video clips capturing user actions, synchronized with console logs, network traffic (with body). App's Health, the new application health assessment feature added to the dashboard, captures important metrics including user growth, app stability and version adoption rates.

"Since launching in January 2017, we've listened carefully to the needs of our users and have responded with new features that further expedite efficiencies with debugging and help eliminate the difficult and time-consuming task of reproducing intermittent bugs," said Alex Fishman, CEO and Co-Founder of Bugsee. "With Bugsee, developers have the information needed to squash bugs quickly, so that they can spend more time building quality, bug-free apps that people love to use."

Their new Feedback feature enables developers to talk directly to users within the app, in real-time, further shortening the communication cycles between developer and end-user for swift resolution. No need to create new accounts or trouble tickets. The Feedback feature preserves all necessary context including user concerns and complaints. New integrations include Aha.io, Basecamp, Clubhouse.io, DaPulse, FreshDesk and Nozbe.

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