1. Average NFL fans visualized by Midjourney for each team
2/16/2024 9:04:14 AM
Average NFL fans visualized by Midjourney for each team
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Average NFL fans visualized by Midjourney for each team

Friday, February 16, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The online gaming site FlashPicks, used MidJourney AI to envision the "average" fans of each NFL playoff team, providing a unique take on NFL culture within each team, and face paints, extravagant hats, and colorful outfits took center stage.

With playoff season coming to a close, AI has delved into the world of the NFL, imagining the "average" fans of each playoff team. Online gaming site FlashPicks used the AI art program MidJourney to envision the “typical” fan for each of the eight teams from round two of the playoffs for the Super Bowl, providing a unique take on NFL culture within each team.

AI visualizes the "average" fans of each team in the NFL playoffs

The AI-generated fan of the Chiefs is envisioned as a passionate - almost animated - fan, either caught shouting in disbelief or proudly cheering the Chiefs on. The fan sports a traditional Native American headdress in the red and yellow of the chiefs, complimented by decorated, muddy blonde dreadlocks and a short grey beard. The face paint of this fan also stands out, with simple, yet intimidating red paint under the eyes and down the bridge of the nose.

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers

In this image depicting a "typical" San Francisco 49ers fan, we see a man with long, wispy silver hair seated at a wooden table. He is wearing a red cap adorned with the 49ers logo and sunglasses and has a short, trimmed beard, slightly greying at the bottom but a big, silver mustache. The fan’s coat looks to be heavy-duty red and black leather, with symbols up the sleeves.

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens

Next up are the Baltimore Ravens, and the AI-generated fan sports the traditional black and purples of the Ravens on both his coat, as well as the prominent full-face paint. The envisioned "fan" has a strong, piercing gaze and seems to even have a slight frown, heavily concentrating on something just out of shot. The fan also has thick, grey dreadlocks running down over his chest.

Houston Texans Buffallo Bills Green Bay Packers Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Houston Texans

Next up are the Houston Texans. AI visualizes this "typical" NFL fan sporting heavy face paint in the usual red, white, and blue of the Texans, complimented with what appears to be a Texans logo stuck to the side of his head, half peeled off, almost as if imitating the horns on the team logo. Caught in what appears to be surprise or disbelief, looks to be utterly fixated on the game at hand.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are up next, and this fan is imagined in full the red and blue colors of the Bills, with mottled, bright face paint. He is wearing what appears to be a red, white, and blue headscarf emboldened with the Bills logo. By far, the most eye-catching aspect of the image is the steely gaze of the fan. Looking extremely displeased, this fan is locked onto something just out of shot.

Green Bay Packers

Seemingly placed in a bar, this fan is in full Packers attire, complimented by a beer in hand. With black shades and a long, kempt brown beard with greyed streaks, this fan is locked in, looking directly at the camera.

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions are next up, and this fan is quite obviously a Detroit Lions fan. Wearing a blue hoodie and felt scarf, this fan also has an eye-catching lion hat with a thick, shaggy grey mane and lion’s face front and center. The fan has a huge, grey beard with a styled mustache - almost as if imitating a lion. Concentrating on something just above the shot, this fan has a stern, almost unhappy expression.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers take the next spot, and there’s little doubt this fan is from the Sunshine State. With an open shirt revealing a heavily tattooed chest and a large silver necklace, this fan has been caught mid-cheer. With a large, fuzzy beard and long bleach-blonde hair, this fan also sports an extravagant bicorne hat in the colors of the Buccaneers adorned with an ominous silver skull.

"The study's AI-generated visualizations reveal a rich tapestry of diverse characteristics among various NFL team fans. Each team’s fan showcases a unique blend of preferences, reflecting a colorful spectrum of fan engagement and cultural influences. The findings show some interesting themes - from the AI’s point of view, a typical fan of an NFL team is always a man, probably in the older age bracket, and more often than not has significant facial hair. The images consistently show subjects who are unsmiling, which is probably quite accurate - after all, only one team can win the Super Bowl, so the majority of NFL fans are likely to be disgruntled in some way," commented a spokesperson for FlashPicks on the images.

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